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Ophidian Bicycle Playing Cards

$9.99 USD
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Ophidian Bicycle Playing Cards

$9.99 USD

A deck with the hypnotic beauty of a snake by ShapeShifters Playing Cards, printed by the USPCC and distributed by Gambler's Warehouse. 

Enigmatic, dangerous, elusive... its curves awaken a mixture of fear and curiosity provoking a hypnotic attraction. Since the devil himself used its form to tempt the first woman in paradise, the serpent has always been a recurring element of allegorical expression in any artistic manifestation. 

At Gambler's Warehouse, we produce quality playing cards with original and elegant designs. Bicycle Ophidian is the result of the challenging design work by the artists at ShapeShifters. Bicycle Ophidian keeps the structure and essence of traditional playing cards and, at the same time, each and every one of the elements in the design is original. 

Deck Features
  • 56 striking playing cards manufactured on quality Bicycle® stock paper using the same processes as the world's leading playing card.
  • Custom face cards, court cards, Jokers and tuckbox
  • Printing by the United States Playing Card Company
  • Bicycle® branded
  • Collector's limited edition - 2500 decks will be printed
  • Air cushion finish
The card back is the best example of the intricate work in this deck. Subtle forms are intertwined in complex and highly detailed designs. 

The illustrations of large Aces mix organic and natural elements with coiled snakes. 

The court cards are blatantly displayed and reach out to tell their own story. The original indexes in the four corners improve the player's experience and create an interesting aesthetic balance. 

The Jokers are simply amazing, with the serpent wrapped around the design.

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Terry McGhee
Twisted Ouroboros

These are impressively nice for a Bicycle deck. The artwork really pops off the back of the cards and the pips and indices are all very sharp and clear. Imagine the ouroboros and infinity serpents in a life or death fight and you come closer to understanding the artwork.

Daniel Costarell
Enter the serpent!

What a cool deck! The symmetrical backs of these cards feature a woven snake design with a snake eye at center, and a mahogany colored border. The fronts of the cards are completely custom. All pips and fonts were specifically designed for this deck. I like the extra embellishment that is given to the corner pips, and at the opposite corners there is yet another pip, but instead of the rank being listed above these extra corner pips as normal, it is done in a smaller font inside the pip. There is a very light, nearly indiscernible background design on every card. The center pip on every ace is nicely embellished. The court cards, while their facial features are somewhat recognizable, are not standard. Slight liberties were taken with the facial expressions, and extra detail was added, like the snake design being continued thru into the attire of the court cards. There is also an attractive border around the court faces. The two full sized identical jokers (one red, one black) are nice, with a snake interwoven around some sort of geometric design, but I would have liked the snake to have been featured a little more prominently on the jokers. Even so, this is a minor detail, as the jokers do properly match the design of the rest of the deck, and the tiny snake that almost goes unnoticed across the word "JOKER" is the slightest little extra touch that was needed to push this deck over the top. This deck worked hard to earn five stars, each one of them well deserved!

Snakes Alive!

The artists at Shapeshifters Playing Cards have teamed up with Gambler's Warehouse to produce this elegantly designed snake-themed deck, which is named after the reptile suborder Opidia (snakes). The tuck box immediately introduces us to an intricate and artistic tangle of multiple snakes, with an engaging design that draws you in as you rove your eyes along the twisting shapes of our ophidian friends.

The hypnotic design of these slithering creatures is also a key feature of the card backs, which are bordered in a reptilian brown. It has detailed and intricate artwork that is highly original, and is full of intertwined patterns that closer examination reveals to be snakes. The overall background pattern also brings to mind the scales one might find on our reptilian friends.

All the Aces are oversized, and reprise the highly detailed artwork found on the card backs, with entangled snake-like coils. The court cards have a monochromatic look, in either black or red. The light yellow-brown background complements the card backs nicely. Especially noteworthy is the use of "scales" as part of the design.

The Jokers complement the design of the card backs, but offer a completely new interpretation, and also feature a snake wrapped around the word Joker.

This deck has been printed by USPCC, which means that the creative artistic vision has been matched by a quality product that looks and handles great. - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame

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