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Omni Armor Deck Box (5 Pack) HCPC

$23.99 USD
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Omni Armor Deck Box (5 Pack) HCPC

$23.99 USD

Omni Armor Deck Box (5 Pack)

Latest product of Omni Box series - Omni Armor.

In the past, the card clip is not so easy to take out.

But now, Omni Armor just changed the game!

  • Easy to see
  • Easy to carry
  • Slide to open
  • Deck protection

Instead of cellphone like our Deck Shooter, Omni Armor can contain almost every deck size, no matter where the decks are made from Taiwan, Europe or America. It's a perfect balance design between protection and handling.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Thomas Strong
Not bad

Not what I expected
Good protection..maybe for a deck thats worth a dollar...but easy to put together and use Maybe put the deck on shelf it will protect it from getting dusty. And they are not to expensive.
Thank you..
Thomas chuck strong

Not a bad level of protection

Omni Armor isn't a bad product, but it is quite a niche item that depends on what your specified use is for it. These will be good for some folks looking to have an everyday carry option that is clear and plastic, affording a good overall level of protection with little added weight or baggage. That said, there are better options for carrying such as full carrying cases which cover the deck on all sides. This is definitely a cheap version of a clip which allows access while maintaining a level of protection much like Carat sleeves. The assembly and construction are fairly solid, though it relies on a little tabs and such that seem a bit counterintuitive at first. The pros that I see are a good overall alternative to carrying a bulkier case or clip. The sliding action is also fairly smooth and does have a certain flair to it. HCPC states that the armor can carry all manner of tucks from small to larger, but I have already begun to question this, as there are some larger decks that don't quite fit. It does a good job of holding bridge sized cards in the "smaller" configuration, but most people aren't carrying around a deck of bridge sized cards. The larger decks such as Kings Wild Project decks and some newer Kickstarter decks, definitely do not fit. This is a small gripe as this case was most assuredly designed for magicians and cardists in mind to carry their work decks, and to be fair, most of the KWP decks don't fit in standard Carat sleeves either.


Need a decent way to display your deck and keep them protected, try the Omni Armor Deck Box (5 Pack) HCPC.

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