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Off the Wall Playing Cards USPCC

$14.99 USD
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Off the Wall Playing Cards USPCC

$14.99 USD

Off the Wall Playing Cards 

The Off the Wall playing cards are inspired by '80s surf and skate culture in sunny California. The radical design is Off the Wall and bursting to be used for magic or for playing! 

Their mix of abstract, bold, and colorful shapes are as fresh for your next card game as they are for cardistry - the wild intermix of colors really pops when cardistry artists show off their moves! 

This limited-edition card deck features a borderless back design, oversized court cards and a vibrant tuck box printed with shiny silver foil. 

Designed in South Africa by Studio Muti. Printed by the United States Playing Card Co. on our trademark thin stock preferred by cardists.

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
chris kinkead

the back design looks like graffiti to match the box. the oversized pips add to the skater vibe the courts are shapes.

Cool Collectable

A funky deck to break the monotony!

Totally rad

This deck reminds me of the early 90s as it is so colorful and rad. Nice addition for those that like cardistry.

P. Dennis
Very colorful. Great deck!

We love modern abstract art and MCM style. These cards are a burst of color. One of my wife's favorite decks now! Two identical jokers plus a double backer card are pluses for me.

EndersGame Reviewer
My new favourite deck for cardistry

This unconventional deck with a surf-skate theme has a deliberately styled casual look, and a very bold choice of colours that include a vibrant blue, orange, and yellow, along with some black. I knew I was going to love this new deck as soon as I saw the colours. Yes it's loud and dashing, but isn't that exactly what a lot of cardistry is all about?

There's energy and vividness in the design and colours, and the abstract shapes and bright/lively colours work perfectly for the stylish borderless backs. The card faces have a hand-drawn feel, and yet retain symmetry and make a stylistic statement that bursts with sunshine and energy.

While functional, the attraction of this deck is really all about the colours and vibrant patterns on the card backs, court cards, and Aces. It's definitely one of my current favourites for card flourishing, and should appeal to anyone who likes a bold and colourful style.

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