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Odissea Playing Cards USPCC - 3 Editions

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Odissea Playing Cards USPCC - 3 Editions

Odissea is a new series of playing cards by Thirdway Industries, designed by the Italian designer Giovanni Meroni, inspired by Homer's Odyssey.

  • Premium black stock tuck box
  • 2 different color foils on the tuck box
  • Metallic inks on card backs and fronts
  • 56 cards: include 2 extra courts
  • Embossing
  • Printed in USA by USPCC

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Justin H

This is for the Neptune deck.
Absolutely gorgeous deck.

The Tuckbox is a nice as any I’ve seen. Two metallic inks on matte black with intricate details.

The backs are a very nice silvery blue with subtle gold details.

I appreciate that everything about this deck is original. Unique pips. Unique fonts. 14 custom face cards (2 extras). With highly detailed and attractive artwork.

Handling is spot on, as one would expect, with a nicely textured surface.

Daniel Costarell
The Odyssey, told in three (decks) parts!

This is a lovely three deck set (to be purchased individually, three decks to not come together unless you actually use the drop down and add all three to your cart) of mythological themed cards. For brevity, I'll touch on points common to all decks, as opposed to detailing each individual point from each deck, as there would not be enough room here to speak to the intricate details of each deck. The backs feature metallic inks and are symmetrical in design. The decks are completely custom even on the two thru ten cards, as they have unique fonts and pips, along with some nice scroll work which creates sort of an open half border. Two full sized jokers are included (not identical). The court cards are fantastic, and feature a beautiful palette of metallic inks. The aces are quite intricate and nicely detailed. Each deck also contains a "duplicate" of one of the court cards, but the artwork is different on each, possibly as some sort of reveal. The boxes for these are also extremely nice, and feature wonderful designs and metallic inks. This is a nice set to have, and quite collectible.

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