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Nutcracker Bicycle Stripper Playing Cards

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Nutcracker Bicycle Stripper Playing Cards

Nutcracker Bicycle Stripper Playing Cards

Step into a world where magic meets the holidays with the exclusive Nutcracker Bicycle Stripper Playing Cards, presented by and masterfully illustrated by Juniardi Satyanagara. These limited-edition decks are infused with a magician's touch, opening a new realm of enchantment and performance.

Available Variants:

  • 2-Deck Set: Immerse yourself in the full Nutcracker experience with both the Red and Green decks.
  • Red Deck: A single deck boasting a vibrant, festive red theme.
  • Green Deck: A single deck adorned in a classic, holiday green.

Limited Availability:

  • Stripper Green Deck: Only 276 decks available. Each deck is a unique masterpiece, adorned in a classic holiday green, transformed into a tool for astonishing magic with its subtle tapered cut.
  • Stripper Red Deck: Only 257 decks in existence. Boasting a vibrant, festive red theme, this deck is not just a collector's item but a gateway to a world of magical possibilities.

Product Features:

  • Magician's Touch: Each deck is carefully crafted with a tapered cut, perfect for a variety of captivating card tricks.
  • Exclusive Art by Juniardi Satyanagara: The decks are canvases, displaying intricate and stunning artwork inspired by the timeless Nutcracker Ballet.
  • Unique Design for Each Suit: Custom pip designs for each suit add an exclusive touch to your magical performances.
  • One-of-a-Kind Court Cards: Each court card features individual art, making every flip of a card a discovery.
  • Holiday Gift Bow Custom Seal: Sealed with a festive holiday bow, ideal for gifting to enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Red tear band identifies deck as a stripper deck

Special Extras:

  • Bonus King of Spades: An extra King of Spades in each deck, adding to the uniqueness.
  • Escaping Character Court Card: A whimsical escapee among the court cards adds an element of surprise.

High-Quality Printing and Manufacturing:

  • Printed by USPCC: Produced by the United States Playing Card Company, known for its exceptional quality.
  • Air-Cushion Finish: The smooth, professional feel of USPCC's famous Air-Cushion print ensures a seamless magical experience.

Collector and Magician's Delight:

With the rarity of only 276 Green decks and 257 Red decks, these Nutcracker Bicycle Stripper Playing Cards are not just playing cards; they are a limited treasure trove for collectors and magicians alike. Perfect for holiday gifts or adding a magical touch to your festivities, these decks are a must-have for those who appreciate the art of magic and the spirit of the holidays. Order now and own a piece of this exclusive, magical holiday collection!

2024 Release

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