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NOC Diner Milkshake Playing Cards USPCC

$11.99 USD
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NOC Diner Milkshake Playing Cards USPCC

$11.99 USD

NOC Diner Milkshake Playing Cards

NOC's Diner is a 1950s inspired deck that is looking to bring some vintage diner vibes into your home. In a world where everything is about the future, we're trying to bring the past to life.

Diners are a staple in the United States that maintain the vintage feel no matter how updated they may appear to be. In fact, diners have been an American favorite since 1924 when they evolved from rolling restaurants and dining cars into what we know them as now: a good ole' diner.

NOC's Diner is the utopian place where the old and the new mix together and create the perfect milkshake deck.

So take a sip from your milkshake while you fan your pastel milkshake deck.

  • Limited print run - These will NOT be reprinted.
  • Custom tuck box and back design
  • Printed to perfection by The United States Playing Cards Company
  • Classic Stock with Air-Cushion finish
  • Marked for suit but not value

Standard faces

2021 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mind blowing Illusion if presented correctly

This Deck is a nice one for certain effects and Illusions. One of my favorites is to tell the individual to shuffle the cards and pick out two random cards from the shuffled deck. Tell them to shuffle the deck all they want too…. Then place the chosen two random cards in the out-stretched palms of my hands face down. You read the Suit of the cards in each hand at this time…...

Then I go on to say that in a Mystical/Spiritual/Energy, and Occult sense, the various Suits of the cards have different energy and weights.

Then I close my eyes and move my hands up and down with the cards on the palms like a balance scale. Then I say, The dark Suits (Clubs/Spades) have a heavier weight than the red suites.

Then I report, the Suit of Clubs possesses a dark and rounded energy form, the Suite of Spades has a dark and sharp form of energy; the suite of Hearts has a warm and rounded form of energy, and lastly the Suit of Diamonds has sharp and pointed from of warm energy.

Then after weighing the cards in the palms of my hands for a moment more, I turn over the cards right in front of them. Correctly Identifying the Suit of the card in each hand.

If this is presented correctly their mouths will drop open and you can push them over with a feather.

If they ask to look at the cards let them. Tell them you got the cards for $3.00 dollars as a 2nd hand store. Tell them have at it.

Never, never do the Illusion twice in front of the same people.

chris Kinkead

these are my first adventure into the noc universe and it did not disappoint! the pastel colors match the box, and they are marked

Terry Quan

This NOC looks so fun and neo-ish. Kinda remind me of the NOC Sport series which is equally amazing

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