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NEWTROPOLIS & The Fantastic Fur
 Includes 56 unique pieces of original artwork from celebrated U.K. Playing Card Artist, Peter Wood.

Peter has drawn decks for many different companies over the years including not only Newt's Playing Cards, but also US Games and Piatnik.

Just shy of 20 have been published and another 30+ have been created as part of or one offs for various collectors worldwide.  We are proud to continue the legacy with this unique, Limited Edition deck of cards that includes your normal 52 cards plus 4 jokers...all drawn by Peter Wood.

-  Strict Limited Edition run of 1152 decks!
-  Individually Numbered Edition, Gold Colored label on every deck.
-  Printed design inside of the tuck box.


This type of art isn't really new as it has been around since the late 1800s.  In the "old days" this type of art was called "semi-transformational" but we like to call it "hidden images" or "seek-n-find".  "Semi-transformation" just means that the suit signs or "pips" are hidden in the picture...which is exactly what these decks do.  They are 'transformed' in a subtle and fun way just like they did back in the late 1800s.

"NEWTROPOLIS & The Fantastic Fur" is the latest deck of cards created by UK artist Peter Wood exclusively for Newt's Playing Cards!  Peter has always been a huge fan of comic book superheroes and remembers reading them as a young boy a 'few' years ago.  Likewise, he loves to draw teddy bears.  Together, this deck features Peter's "Super Teddy Bears", straight from his own imagination.  While he freely admits that some are parodies of famous comic book heroes and villains, most are inspired from every day life.

Similar to some of our other decks like "WILD!", "Cats - Pips-N-Paws" and "Busy Bears", Peter has created "NEWTROPOLIS & The Fantastic Fur" in the same semi-transformational format. At Newt's Playing Cards we often call them "seek and find" playing cards to help folks better understand what the deck is.  The basic scoop is the deck has hidden Pips (hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades) on each card.  As an added dimension Peter has also hidden the symbol of Newtropolis, a hexagon, throughout the deck.


NEWTROPOLIS is the main city of Hugobia (The Land Of Bears).  What makes this city so unique is not the buildings or it's location, but many of it's inhabitants. NEWTROPOLIS is the home of a host of powerful and very special teddy bears who have a vast range of special powers. Some are gained from unique circumstances, some from accidents and some from years of dedication to their craft. These 'Super' bears are joined by their desire to rid Hugobia of all evil and wrong.  They are divided into 3 main 'factions': The Diamonds, Hearts & Clubs.  They are all connected in their battle with evil via BRAIN (Ace of Clubs) who has the mental ability to contact anyone at any time and read their minds whilst planting his own thoughts within his subjects heads. All is not well in NEWTROPOLIS! Although the 'good' bears in Hugobia derive much of their energy from the honey combs pure honey, there is a mutant strain of this food that was infected many years ago - some say deliberately. For those bears that eat from this source it eats away at their more positive traits and has created the villain 'Spades', which are the sworn enemies of NEWTROPOLIS.  They also have a wide range of bears with special powers of their own.

And so the battle for NEWTROPOLIS begins. Heroes versus Villains.  Good versus evil.  One lovable hug at a time...but who will win?

Peter Wood is an independant artist living in the United Kingdom.   He has a flame for creating unique decks of playing cards and has done so for several years.  To date he has created this deck and 3 others specifically for Newt's that have been printed.  Peter has also created decks for US Games, Inc., Piatnik and other card makers/publishers around the world.
Card size: 2-1/2"x3-1/2"

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