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Neon Orange Bump Bicycle Cardistry Cards

$6.99 USD
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Neon Orange Bump Bicycle Cardistry Cards

$6.99 USD

Neon Orange Bump Bicycle Cardistry Cards

The Bicycle® Neon Orange Bump deck has been specially designed for optimal cardistry performances. The vibrant sunset color will enhance any flourish and fan, while spreads will delight your audience with an electric orange display of card backs dancing in your fingers.

The nonstandard card faces with no pips or numbers take the design right to the edge, allowing for vibrant fans and spreads, that will help bring the heat and electrify your cardistry moves!

Printed on classic Bicycle® brand card stock

Debossed neon pattern on the front and back of tuck

Classic Air-Cushion Finish® for ease of shuffling and optimum performance

Made in USA

2020 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Underrated gem of a cardistry deck.

chris kinkead
looking at the future

if cardistry is what you want , this deck will give it to you! this is the strangest deck i own but fans and spreads look amazing right out of the box.

Ideal budget deck for cardistry

This deck represents Bicycle's attempt to meet a demand for a relatively low-cost deck geared towards card flourishing. The card backs have a geometric design, and the faces are all identical and completely non-standard, showcasing the latest evolution in playing cards optimized entirely for cardistry. Bright colors ensure that the cards look visually appealing in fans, spreads, and flourishing moves. Alongside this vibrant orange deck is its blue companion, the Neon Blue Aurora deck. Handling is good courtesy of the Bicycle's quality card stock.

Afforable carditry deck

I just started cardistry and wanted a cheap deck made for carditry before buying better decks, it feels great and looks great too. Very affordable. I also suggest the blue neon deck.

Great Cardistry Deck

The Neon Orange Bump Bicycle Cardistry Cards are a wonderful deck designed specifically for cardistry.

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