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Neoclassic Bicycle Playing Cards

$9.99 USD
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Neoclassic Bicycle Playing Cards

$9.99 USD

Bicycle Neoclassic Playing Cards combines the new with the old. Its tuck design displays the moving cycle of time. It mixes the classic design with the new, and puts it all together in an endless circle. 

"Neo-Classic", New... Classic... standard - the vintage design that we all know has been reinvented here, redesigned in a new, modern form and style. Notice its version of colors (warm and cold, red and blue mixed with the old gold, yellowish color). The goal was to achieve a perfect mix, a balance between a Modern and Vintage look. This we have achieved! 

We wanted to keep all the important elements of classic cards: a basic style, each court card (K,Q,J) facing the same direction as in the classic cards (one eyed King, suicide King, etc.). In our Bicycle Neoclassic Playing Cards, the faces have more depth (still a simplified style, but not flat), including the hair style. Everything else is designed in order to achieve a dynamic play with lines and colors, but also with a hint of that 3D feel -- you'll be able to connect several carefully-placed ornaments into one solid, realistic figure (K,Q and J). Truly a mixture of old and new - Neoclassic!

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Bicycle Branded
  • Custom Pips
  • Air-Cushion Finish
  • Custom Seal
  • 2017 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John R

A nice Bicycle deck with custom pips and court cards. The subtle gold border on the card faces is adds an element of elegance. The two-tone colors are beautiful. The theme reminds me of Cinderella's dress for some reason. :)

Beautiful Cards

The Neoclassical cards are beautiful and high quality. I like the color combination of red and blue. I use playing cards like tarot cards and will get a lot of use out of these. They also shipped really fast and in a secure package.

I love these

I really love these playing cards. They have a really cool back design and handle great. I preform with these all the time when doing magic and cardistry. I really recommend these.

Steven Hansen
My opinion

I really like this unique Bicycle deck. All of the cards have a goldish color border on the face side which gives this deck a more elegant look. All of the Court Cards are different and unique, each having a somewhat angry facial expression. 5 stars !

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