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Mystery Deck Sale #2

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Mystery Deck Sale #2

Buy more, save more.
Available in 1, 6, 12 or 24.

You will get one of the decks shown in the main image. This is a different selection of decks from our first mystery sale. Their is an equal amount of every deck, so you have the same chance of receiving anyone. You can order up to 36 decks with out risk of a duplicate.  All decks are brand new, factory sealed. This is not a dent or factory 2nd sale.


Customer Reviews

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I love the mystery of what you will get. Not to mention, what an awesome price on this! I would highly recommend.

Jon M
Seriously a must

For anyone that loves collecting cards or like getting a compilation playlist on spotify, find new decks, this is definatley a yes. Without question. I hoped they would keep doin this, tho i kinda hope they do this for more higher end decks, or have a blow out on gaff only decks

Deryn Le
How exciting!

I was a little skeptical about mystery decks. But at $60 a brick, I figured, it could very much be worse. Where else are you going to find a brick of custom cards of any design for $60? When I received my shipment, I unboxed them on youtube. Total value: over $200. Best buy ever! Maybe they'll do this with the more expensive decks for a higher brick price. 🤞

Terry McGhee
Roll the Dice and Win!

Being new to the playing card game this was just a no brainer. Random mystery card? Yes, please!
I do own a couple of the offered decks but figured even if I get a duplicate of something I already own I will now have an unopened deck to throw in the box and keep until the world ends and the value shoots up from ten bucks to seven bottles of whiskey and a can of beans.
Seriously, there is no way to lose on this deal.

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