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Moonshine Vintage Elixir Marked Playing Cards USPCC

$24.99 USD
$16.75 USD
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Moonshine Vintage Elixir Marked Playing Cards USPCC

$24.99 USD
$16.75 USD

Moonshine Vintage Elixir Marked Playing Cards

The finer things in life are those left to mature, develop, and become enriched with elegance and mystery.

Almost a decade ago, Moonshine Playing Cards (First Edition) came screaming into the magic world. Seemingly from nowhere and overnight, right into the hands of some of the most well-known and respected magicians all over the world.

Like a fine Whiskey, every detail of the deck was curated with precision and fine detail, culminating in a deck of cards that was greater than the sum of all its parts. The stock choice, finish and even the color of the inks used all worked together in synergy to bring you a deck that was in and of itself, an enigma.

Magicians from around the world contacted creator Lloyd Barnes to ask what exactly the secret recipe was used to achieve the intricate blend of feel, texture, and delicate balance.

Lloyd never shared his secret.

Instead, he hid them away, honed the design and carved away at each nuance until what's left is a redefined distilled deck of beautiful playing cards bound together by design and deception. Moonshine Vintage Elixir capture the elegance, mystery, and tactile feel of what you already know and love yet hide more secrets within than ever before.

They say the lines on our face are a map. If these cards could talk, they would whisper to you a series of secrets and riddles.

Lloyd did tip one thing to us; somehow, without seemingly altering the design, the Moonshine Vintage Elixirs now come fully marked. He says that is the first of many, many secrets hidden within.

Pull up a seat, order yourself some Moonshine Vintage Elixir's and get ready to plunge into the rabbit hole.

2021 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Best Donna
Moonshine was a gift to my husband

He loved them


I’ve wanted these ever since I saw them featured on Lloyd Barnes’ YouTube channel. Simple and classical beautiful design.

P. Dennis
Easy to read marks plus some puzzles

Very pleased with this deck.

The card marks are readers, easy enough to see. I like the backs, a classic look with entwined question marks. The deck has one joker with whiskey casks on it. There is an extra 6 of spades.

The deck has some puzzles in it. I won't divulge what I've "decoded" so far, but suffice it to say its the easy stuff!

The tuck box side flaps/tabs have a "6" on one flap and a "?" on the other. The "6" flap could be used with extra 6 of spades in someway.

The flap itself has some hex code on it. Which decodes to a string of decimal numbers with 2 (!) decimal points in it.

There are 3 faces of extra "puzzle" cards in the deck with 1,2, and 3 dots on them in the lower right corner.

One dot face: This is a simple substitution cipher. deciphered yields a riddle.

Two dot face: This has substitution cipher which yields a clue. The cipher is also followed by a string of hexadecimal code.

Three dot face: This is a Latin phrase, which translates to, "How many days did I walk on the earth?" How this relates to the puzzles I'm still pondering.

If you like puzzles get this deck and see if you're up to the challenge. I'm still working on it!

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