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Moonphases Playing Cards USPCC

$29.99 USD
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Moonphases Playing Cards USPCC

$29.99 USD

Moonphases Playing Cards

Playing cards are profoundly inspired by the concept of time, they perfectly represent and symbolize the night and day (red and black), the 52 weeks in a year (fifty two cards in a deck) and even the 13 lunar cycles (the thirteen values). We think a deck of playing cards is the perfect canvas to pay homage to horology and watchmaking.

The lunar cycles, deeply connected with the symbolism embedded in playing cards. 

The Moon Phase is in our opinion the most beautiful of displays a watch can have. 

 An iconic, recognizable design. 

Two mirrored moon phases with a solid silver metallic ink back, give us the look and feel that we deeply strive for, like the most iconic vintage casino decks, but with a sophistication and beauty that goes beyond the surface, they display the moon and the stars, the perpetual passing of time in space, and our deep curiosity to know and understand the most profound of our beings.

The backs are bold enough to produce a striking yet elegant design that looks amazing on its own and particularly in movement.

Any flourish in cardistry is elevated by the two moon-phase windows moving around in every packet and card. 

The subtle hour marks accentuate every fan and spread. 

The real secret (and fun) of this deck however is when the cards are riffled through, they comes to life to produce a truly magical illusion, the moonphase slowly (or rapidly) spins in an almost perpetual animation, as if produced by the intricate machine it holds within, it integrates every single card as every single watch part to work as a unit to produce this amazing animation.

This is the perfect allegory to what an intricate beautiful engineer can produce flawlessly on a mechanical watch.

2019 Release

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