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Monstera Green Playing Cards TCC

$11.99 USD
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Monstera Green Playing Cards TCC

$11.99 USD

Monstera Green Playing Cards

Monstera Green Summer Limited Version

The fresh green matches the flow and color of sunlight.

Put the summer in the card box.

The most representative of tropical plants, Monstera, is used as the design element. Like what we did with the previous two festival limited version, Monstera Summer limited version uses the same design language which is watercolor to present the design. The unique changing shade and the fusion effect form a transparent texture and a clear sense of hierarchy.

Careful enough, it's easy to find that this deck has more than one layer of design. Five kinds of Monstera deliciosa with a different posture and palm leaves interspersed among them constitute layers of different transparency, and the remaining negative space is like the sunlight through the shade of trees.

The card face is adjusted, and the classic green, yellow, and black color is extracted from the card back illustration to replace the conventional card face color. More vivid colors make cards more eye-catching. The deep green shows that the whole deck of cards is full of freshness in midsummer. Monstera Summer limited version, limited to 1000

German black core paper, air cushion finish, printed in Taiwan 808. TCC exclusive fluid stock, A perfect performance in cardistry.

Please note this deck does not come with cello wrap.

2021 Release

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