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Modern Warships Bicycle Playing Cards

$9.99 USD
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Modern Warships Bicycle Playing Cards

$9.99 USD

Introducing Modern Warships Playing Cards, the first deck in a series of military-themed cards designed by the team at Buyworthy. These cards represent a snapshot in Modern Naval History, featuring the top-24 world naval powers and their best warships. Feel the excitement of the world's most powerful and influential surface navies of our time! Even Pirates are represented in the Jokers! 


  • Bicycle branded
  • All custom cards, each with their own warship
  • Custom tuck case seal
  • Collectible snapshot of 21st century naval history
  • One-off 1,000 deck production
  • Bicycle paper stock with an Air-Cushion finish
  • Printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC)
  • 1st Edition to the 4-Part Military Series Playing Cards
  • 2017 Release
  • Card Material: Premium Plastic-Coated Paper 
  • Card Finish: Air-Cushion on Quality Casino Grade Stock
  • Manufactured: U.S.A.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Great for warship fans and interesting book. A must for all decks.

Steven Hansen
My opinion

Nice handling deck with every card featuring a different Naval Warship. The pictures are of quite nice quality which is not always the case with this type of deck. Two pirate Jokers are included as a nice touch.

Eric Lee
Great for warships, naval and military fans

This is a very well-done deck of Naval cards. Well researched and organized by country and strength of navy. Gives you a good snapshot of the major naval powers of the world. There's also a few nice touches like 2 different types of pirates represented in the jokers. Piracy is now the major threat on the waters. Well-organized and equipped pirates vs poor fishermen struggling to make ends meet. Also, check out the 10 Diamonds (click on the 2nd photo above) where they included North Korea's Kim Jong Un class ship!

You can also find out more info about this on Kickstarter as it was a KS project. As it's printed by USPCC, the handling and finish is excellent, but due to the pictures, not so good for basic gameplay.

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