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Modern Idols Playing Cards USPCC

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Modern Idols Playing Cards USPCC

Modern Idols Playing Cards

Available in 2 editions, not sold as a set

Modern Idols is a series by Thirdway Industries, based on the beliefs of the modern age. It includes all the most popular deities we'll worship nowadays: Money, Love, Friendship, Work ... but also video games, internet and fitness.  

It's crazy and colorful, but with a very deep story to tell: the Idols are under the aegis of two last Gods: Hope and Fear.

In terms of colors, Modern Idols is spectacular: there are a lot of different neon inks combined with pure silver metallic ink. The cards will be reflective under direct light and fluorescent under black light.

  • Printed by USPCC
  • 3 neon + 1 pure silver metallic ink on cards
  • 3 neon + 1 pure silver metallic ink on box
  • Every Court is a different Idol
  • 2020 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Красочная колода карт с продуманной тематикой

Идолы современности это наверное одна из самых красочных тематических колод последних лет.
Заслуживает самую высокую оценку.

A Glorious Cacophony

This is a deck that excels at its mission, though that mission may be divisive. It's the most arresting, attention-grabbing, vision-searing deck that I've seen, with bright neon and metallic inks and a high-energy design that refuses to be ignored. On the practical side, its "no-revoke" four-color suits help with suit identification, and is a critical affordance with everything going on in the design. This might not be the deck that I want to play with for hours on end, but it's definitely the deck I'll pull out for someone who wants something out of the ordinary.


Giovani knocked it out of the park with this design! Both decks remind me of the Lunatica series which are in my top 10 favorite decks.

Personally I think the Hope (Blue) deck has the best color pallet matching the metallic inks, but both decks are beyond colorful and pop like no other.

Pick some up while you can! They’re beautiful!!

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