Modern Feel Jerry's Nugget v2 Rose Pink Playing Cards USPCC

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Modern Feel Jerry's Nugget v2 Rose Playing Cards

In 1970, Jerry’s Nugget playing cards were brought to life. Now, recognized as one of the world’s most iconic playing cards, it is welcoming its 50th year anniversary. In homage to the history of this legendary deck, we are very pleased and are honored to announce our collaboration with Expert Playing Cards Company and Jerry’s Nugget Las Vegas to jointly deliver a new edition of it. Introducing, Jerry’s Nugget Rose Edition. 

The Rose Edition will have a limited quantity of 5000. Each card will have the same card thickness as the original Jerry’s Nugget through THIN CRUSHING the USPCC’s world-famous premium (Bee) stock. The original designs will stay unaltered, except for the color theme. The Rose Edition will try and bring you back as much texture and sensation of the original Jerry’s Nugget as possible using the most advanced playing card printing technologies from USPCC. The Rose Edition will be a combination of the classic and the youthfulness, cleverly joining two generations of people together in one single deck.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude toward two very influential members of the playing cards industry, Lee Asher and Bill Kalush. Thank you for discovering the beauty of Jerry’s Nugget and for giving us the opportunity to continue the legend.

Now is the chance to claim the world’s most iconic deck as your own! 

2020 Release

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