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MOAI is a group of giant portraits scattering over Easter Island, which is regarded as one of Chile’s fabulous tourist attractions and well-known world heritage sites. The huge size, strange image, and serious expression put them on a mysterious veil. Is it the work of the nature accidentally or an alien’s masterpiece? 

The origin and history of MOAI has been controversial, so the designer has hidden the mystery into this deck of playing cards: MOAI. Each deck has 52 cards, two jokers and two ad cards. The card backs have standard pictures about the giant portraits, in which there are extraordinarily blue giant rocks towering relatively in the peacefully black background, with splendid red colors shining like fires in the two far corners of the cards. The mysterious blue boulder portrait seems to carry a magical power, which looks like the Transformers full of power, and the thinker who is thinking about the ultimate truth and mystery of the universe. The red flames on both sides add dynamism to the entire picture, as if it were the dawn of hope, allowing people to develop infinite imagination. 

Because of the wonderful color matching ratio, when you perform various magic shows with this deck of playing cards, the overall pattern presented is very beautiful and exquisite, which is absolutely eye-catching and unforgettable. With gorgeous quality and exquisite appearance, this stylish and sleek playing cards bring an element of myth, elegance and nobleness to your daily cards magic or games.

2018 Release

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