MMD #1 Comic Reprint Playing Cards Deck USPCC

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Reprint "Sketch Cover" Edition 

The World's First Comic Series printed on a deck of playing cards.
De'vo vom Schattenreich created this comic with inspiration from magicians and their awesome and brutal illusions with the help of several big names in the magic world. This series despite the name is not a cheap shot at magicians or a joke, or anything of the sort. This is a real comic series inspired by magicians, and intended to be for comic fans, and so far comic lovers are really enjoying them! It's gotten praise from the creator of Hellboy, Wolverine Origins, and many top names in the comic industry! We're very happy on it's success.

The Sketch cover issue of MMD#1 is amazing - same beautiful comic and cards, we just changed the box to be a sketch cover which is ultra hot right now in the comic world. The front has a sketch, and the back left blank so you or an artist can sketch their own cover - hence the name sketch cover.

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