Millennium Luxury Playing Cards USPCC

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The Millennium Playing Cards Luxury Edition. Designed by Keshav Mongia in the UK and printed by the USPCC in the USA. 

The design 

The design features geometric artwork put together in an ornate fashion. The Millennium Playing Cards Luxury Edition features a beautiful deep blue back with gold features, creating an elegant design. The cards feature metallic inks to add to the luxury feel of the deck. Adding to its sophisticated uniqueness, the traditionally red hearts and diamonds are blue - and the traditionally black clubs and spades are gold. 

The Millennium Playing Cards Luxury Edition is a limited edition print with USPCC, so grab them while you can! 

The handling
  • Printed by the USPCC
  • Premium paper stock
  • Linen finish (air cushion)
  • Crushed stock
  • Traditionally cut
Custom pips
  • A custom pip layout to enhance spin moves
  • Gold and blue recolored USPCC court cards
  • A reduced pip index size to enhance fans and spreads
  • A backer card with all the backer's names who pledge over 6 decks
  • A duplicate 10 of Clubs
The tuck box:
  • Geometric artwork reflecting the cards
  • An elegant design
2018 Release

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