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Metal Rider Back Blue Bicycle Playing Cards

$17.99 USD
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Metal Rider Back Blue Bicycle Playing Cards

$17.99 USD

Please note: These are paper playing cards, that look like metal.

If you've never seen the METAL DECK, you're in for a treat - these cards really look as if they're made of metal! 

The METAL DECK is a reinterpretation of the classic Bicycle RIDER BACK deck using a set of textures to give the cards a real metal aspect. 

The BLUE EDITION of the METAL RIDER BACK DECK has the same cards as the original, although the color accents in the back, Ace of Spades and tuck case are blue. 

This new blue color fits much better with the court cards' color scheme. 

The numbered cards have that awesome metal customization of the original deck. You'll see the shine of the metallic glow, as well as a screw in two of the corners - this looks so realistic! 

For those lucky customers who already own the original deck, this version will give them some extra features, especially those who want to use the deck for magic routines or card games:

  • A new blue Ace of Spades
  • A new blue back
  • A new Joker revelation
  • A new tuck case revelation
  • A new unlimited seal
  • An awesome inner printing

We have also worked with USPCC to tweak the color scheme to a more intense blue. 

The tuck case is as impressive as the original, with a fantastic, silver foil stock and deep debossed details.

2017 Release.

Customer Reviews

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Solid Deck of Cards!

I absolutley love these cards and they do everything and more that you want a Bicycle deck of cards to do. The metal theme and worn finish is stunning and leaves anyone who uses them asking where you got them!

Part of the texture series

The cards of this deck actually have the appearance of slightly worn metal. The tuck box is made of stunning metallic foil, with embossing that gives both the feel and look of textured metal. It has all the bling you'd expect, including a custom seal, interior printing, and card reveal on the inner flap.

It's like the original, but uses blue instead of red as the secondary colour for the colour accents on the card backs, Ace of Spades, and tuck box. The blue tone used on the card backs arguably fits better with the colour of the court cards, making this deck even better than the first edition. Aside from the change in secondary colour, the overall artwork is unchanged, with the pips being highly textured, chrome being used for the black suits and carbon for the red. The precise shading really does give the impression of actual metal. And like the original deck, small touches of detail add extra points of interest, like the corner screws on the cards, which have a flip-motion feature when riffling through them in order.

The two matching Jokers can be used for a creative reveal, with one having an empty metal safety pin, and the other the Four of Hearts. Magicians will appreciate the possibilities of card reveals, and the double backer gaff card that is included. Despite the metal look, these cards are of course made entirely out of paper, with the usual high quality standards from United States Playing Card Company. - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame

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