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Medallions Playing Cards USPCC

$12.95 USD
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Medallions Playing Cards USPCC

$12.95 USD

Medallions Playing Cards

Touch. Feel. Imagine. Discover. Medallion Playing Cards. 

The original version was a fan favorite. This new edition is now available with enhanced embossing. A blend of sheer elegance and striking beauty. A timeless object infused with supreme luxury from the Victorian era. After 18 months of discovery, we dug up the perfect recipe. We're proud to announce our newest treasure: Medallions. 

Ultra-lux playing cards in deep brown and gold foil. 

We sought after the highest quality materials and produced one of our finest creations. The deep brown tuck case features ultra-lux matte paper. It's covered top to bottom in a striking gold foil. 

The design is accented by embossed stitch elements in the front and sealed with our signature precision printed gold foil sticker seal. 

Designed in Paris, France by JC Desevre. Produced by theory11.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great deck

I got these as a gift. Beautiful deck. No complaints here. I know what to expect by theory11. YOu get your money worth.

Amazing Design

Medallions Playing Cards USPCC is another amazing deck by Theory11, definitely add it to your collection.

My first deck

Couldn't have chosen a better deck to be my first. The tuck is greqt, back design incredible and I can't get enough of the courts.

Another 10 by T11

Theory 11 has become my favorite producer of playing cards. The look and feel of all of their decks are so unique and although similar in elegance they are all so different from each other and Medallions is another testament to Theory 11's high quality and amazing decks each with their very own style and story.

This deck is great for the price and will have your fellow card players asking you where you got this deck! Well, of course!

Get this one while you can!

One of my favourite Theory11 decks

I love the quality of the Theory11 decks, and this is easily one of my favourites - along with the Monarchs. Superb value given the quality - starting with a glamorous tuck box. Very stylish, lots of impressive gold foil and embossing, and an attractive circular design. The card backs aren't brightly coloured, but there is a complex pattern, and this gives them real sophistication. Great custom Ace of Spades, and just love the court cards - especially the metallic inks!

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