Mazing Bicycle Playing Cards

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Mazing Bicycle Playing Cards

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This is not a deck of cards themed to look like a maze.  This is 52 mazes, each drawn around a different playing card.  Every card can be solved on its own going from either corner pip you wish to the opposite one.  This makes it so that there is no backwards - some people try to solve mazes backwards because they are "easier", but not my mazes.  Each one is designed to be equally challenging both ways.

But wait, there's more...  Add the two jokers (featuring special guest boajes - more on that later) and now you have one big maze starting at one joker and ending with the other.  This maze takes you from card to card.Now, instead of working form pip to corner pip, you start at either corner you like and work your way to one of the center icons indicating your next card.

For example, you would start on the joker with the S and as you can see it has several paths, some ending in dead ends and others taking you to new cards.You might choose to go to the 2 of Diamonds and there you start at either corner you like and then find your way to the center. This takes you to the 6 of Spades and from there you would go to the 3 of Clubs where again you have a choice, and so on until you make it back to the joker with the F (for Finish) and make your way to the broken light-bulb.

Some cards that have more than one option will lead you to dead ends, and others will result in an endless loop.  Your job is not only to navigate the mazes, which now use different paths than the 52 individual mazes, but to figure out what cards you should go to and what cards you should avoid. 

Oh yeah, and if you like you could use the cards for card games or magic tricks.  But don't ever forget they are mazes that look like cards, not cards that look like mazes. 

2013 Release.

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