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Maya LA CEIBA Sacred Tree Playing Cards

$11.99 USD
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Maya LA CEIBA Sacred Tree Playing Cards

$11.99 USD

Maya LA CEIBA Sacred Tree Playing Cards


This set of Maya Playing Cards highlights primarily the art of the Maya, taking original works of murals, glyphs, and crafts. We highlight 4 of the most important Mayan gods.
  • Yum Kax, the Corn God/Diamonds
  • Kauil, the God of Fire/Hearts
  • Kukulkan, the Feathered Serpent/Clubs
  • Ah Puch, the God of Death/Spades
Each stick has an important meaning depending on the god that it personifies, but the different sticks also have important meanings according to the symbol.

Diamonds are interpreted as corn in the Mayan world. Corn is the substance from which man was created. Diamonds, then, have the god, Yum Kax, as the God of Corn -- the creator of life.

Hearts -- the heart is where the strength of man emanates, very commonly related to emperors; fire is interpreted by the god "Kauil" -- the God of Fire and Wisdom.

Clubs -- this symbol relates to the ceiba, the sacred tree of the Maya, where the first man was born. The Ceiba is born from the center of the earth. Its trunks and branches support the sky and its roots penetrate the Mayan underworld. The god of this stick is Kukulkan, the Feathered Serpent.

Spades are closely linked to the ceiba. Spades relate to the underworld that is dominated by the god, Ah Puch.

Artistic Details

In the edition of LA CEIBA, we highlight the link between the underworld and the earth, highlighting with a golden ink the Aces, Spades and Clubs and the 7 of Clubs to highlight this beautiful link.

MAYA Numbers and Glyphs

The deck is designed to spread the Mayan culture and its knowledge so that the numbers were supplanted by Mayan numerology and the letters by glyphs. Inside the deck there is a special card where the meaning of each one is explained and it is very simple to identify them.


In this edition we have, in the center, a symbol similar to yin and yang but it really is a god -- the greatest god of the Maya, HANAB KU. It is said that from him all things are born, because it houses all dualities, the father of all gods and is a disembodied entity.

This is an excellent deck for play, cardistry and magic. This edition does not contain any additional cards for magic. If you are interested, check the Magic White and Black edition.
2020 Release

Customer Reviews

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Charles Seevers
One design detail was enough to drive me nuts.

I was really excited about this deck. The card backing design is superb, the pips are unique and really well executed. The court cards are AWESOME. The glyph and counting system that is used to denote the card number or court card instead of the traditional number/letter is also really cool. Here's the problem: spades, hearts, and clubs are all denoted in their traditional dark or red colors. Diamonds, being represented by corn, are yellow. This, in and of itself is not an issue. What quickly became a deal breaker for me is that every number/glyph on a diamond card is black. The glyph stamps and counting system for hearts are red, and EVERY other card is black. Maybe that doesn't matter to you, but it started to drive me nuts. I appreciate the added challenge of interpreting a number/glyph system rather than having a straightforward letter/number to decode each card, but adding the filter of trying to remember that "diamonds are black now" seems like a design flaw. Maybe if the markings were black on the hearts as well it wouldn't have bothered me so much, but it feels like spades/clubs and hearts/diamonds should either be two different colors, all the same color, or all different colors. This "one of these things is not like the other" business doesn't jive with my design sensibilities. Again, maybe it won't bug you, but looking back through the photos, it wasn't super obvious until I had the deck in my hands. Other than that, it's gorgeous. Hope this helps someone!


Maya LA CEIBA Sacred Tree Playing cards are not my cup of tea. I did not quite enjoy the color and design as much as I thought I would. Though they were not for me, others may really enjoy.

Very Unique Design

The Maya LA CEIBA Sacred Tree Playing Cards have a very luxurious design both on the cards and the tuck box.

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