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Mauger Original Release Playing Cards 90 x 62 mm Size Deck

$29.99 USD
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Mauger Original Release Playing Cards 90 x 62 mm Size Deck

$29.99 USD

Slightly Larger than Standard Poker Size Deck

Victor E. Mauger was born in England and immigrated to New York in 1855. He started a business importing metal goods. Around 1870 he also began importing playing cards from the Chas. Goodall & Son Company from England. The Goodall Company began making special decks with a unique Ace of Spades for their American decks. By 1873 Mauger started to manufacture his own brand of playing cards to supplement his supply and he altogether dropped Goodall in 1876 due to high import duties. 

His deck printed in 1876, The Centennial Exposition Deck is thought to be the first deck to commemorate a fair. They were made in conjunction with the world's fair in Philadelphia. The deck also commemorates the 100 year anniversary of the signing of the declaration of independence. 

The cards had several unique details that set them apart from other American decks of the day. They were slightly larger measuring 90mm x 62mm as opposed to the standard poker size. 

Indices were just beginning to be used. Andrew Dougherty had a patent in 1876 for his Triplicates and The New York Consolidated Company had a patent the same year for their Squeezers. Mauger wanted to use Indices on his cards so he opted to put them in all 4 corners making them Quadruplicates. He went a step further and like many popular European decks made the pips 4 colors with Black Spades, Red Hearts, Yellow Diamonds, and Blue Clubs. Almost sounds like a lucky charms commercial. 

The decorative ace of spades has the dates 1776 & 1876 commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the signing of Declaration of Independence. It also has the Latin words "NUNQUAM RETRORSUM"; translation: "No Revoke" or "Never Retreat" 

·        Limited to 500 Decks

·        Actual size of original deck 90mm x 62mm

·        Comes in replica 2 piece heavy cloth cardboard box

·        Hot foil gold stamp star on box

·        Linoid Finish

·        Gold Gilt Edges

·        Replica paper stamp seal

·        Wrapped in Ace of spades wrapper and sealed with 2 paper stamp seals.

·        Missing the 5 of Clubs like the original factory deck. (5 of clubs will be packaged outside the deck in a plastic card bag with the metal cert.)

·        53 cards (5 of clubs packaged outside the deck box)

·        Gold Metal Cert, Numbered Ace of Spades certificate of authenticity

The missing 5 of Clubs:

The original deck that was shipped in the red box with the red back pictured below contained a fatal error, that is if you wanted to actually play cards. The 5 of clubs was missing. In the brown and blue box editions that came out later that year the error was fixed and those decks include the 5 of clubs. The Original Release Limited will be an exact replica edition, true to the original decks that were shipped out and it will be missing the 5 of clubs. The 5 of clubs will be packaged in the plastic sleeve with the metal cert separately outside the deck. Only 500 will be printed.

Metal Certificate of Authenticity

The metal certificate of Authenticity will be individually numbered 1-500 to correspond with each limited deck. It is made of frosted brass with a polished edge. The ink will be etched into the card. The metal cards will be the same size as the original cards 90mm x 62mm    

2015 Release.

Made in the USA.

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