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Matador Bicycle Playing Cards

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Matador Bicycle Playing Cards

Matador Bicycle Playing Cards

A December 2020 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here

Sold as a 2 deck set and individually

Live the essence of the great bullfights through these decks inspired by the popular festival born in Spain. The big bulls in the aces jump into the ring and fight for their survival against the brave toreadors armed with capes, spears and swords on the court cards or the picadors in the jokers. Metallic gold and silver inks help show off the majestic costumes and intricate design elements.

All of the characters are fictional so feel free to make up your own back story.

This fully custom deck is suitable for all uses whether it be a game of poker, performing some card magic with the included gaff cards or just showing off your cardistry moves. Only 1,000 of each were printed so it makes a great collector's item too!

Get yours today, Olé!

  • Printed by USPCC on Classic Stock
  • Traditional Cut
  • Standard Poker Size
  • Air-Cushion Embossed Finish
  • Metallic Ink Used On Cards & Box
  • 52 Cards & 2 Jokers 
  • 2 Gaffs; Double Back & Double Face
  • Designed by Juniardi Satyanagara
  • Produced by Will Roya
  • Limited Edition of 1,000 each
  • 2021 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jackson M.
Amazing Decks!

These decks are beautiful! I love the colorways, and I love the designs of the court cards and aces. The design on the 2-10 cards are interesting without being too busy.

Victoria Prescott
Traditionally stunning

I got this from the 5 deck mystery bag available here. I would not have chosen this deck for myselfand just kept scrolling past. However the traditional art styling really makes this deck pop and the design of the non-face cards have really won me over. Some decks just need to be held to know the true beauty, can't wait to bust these out for game night!

Collector's Deck

The Matador is such an iconic figure and this deck does it right. Bicycle card quality with gorgeous card designs. Both the jokers and face cards fit the era just right. Grab this deck asap as it will not be in stock for long!

Elizabeth Nissen
Didn't expect to give it 4 stars

OK, I admit that I find designing a deck based on bull fighting almost as repugnant as the sport itself, but the illustrations of the court cards, aces and jokers are simply gorgeous and deserve the appreciation as do the pips. If you can get past the thematic problems, this is a beautiful deck

Interesting little deck

This deck surprised me, as I didn't specifically order it for myself. That said, the artwork is excellent and fully custom with excellent pip work and beautiful color combinations throughout. The black deck is the one that I obtained and the inky black background compliments the artwork well. Cards handle well as to be expected from a Bicycle deck. Overall, quite a nice deck!

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