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Masterclass Tally-Ho Playing Cards - Black & White

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Masterclass Tally-Ho Playing Cards - Black & White

Masterclass Tally-Ho Playing Cards

We have built upon our Tally-Ho deck in a new way, while still maintaining its essence. And we think you will be pleased with the results: Tally-Ho Masterclass. 

Studying a craft and learning the disciplines needed to execute an art takes time. Developing new techniques while maintaining its integrity. Fine-tuning details that have defined a genre. It takes time to create something new, but still classic. Something unique, but still familiar. Gamblers Warehouse in collaboration with Pablo from 4pm Designs is proud to present the beginning of our Masterclass. 

Developing a new style to the already well-known Tally-Ho brand. Incorporating minor elements from the original Tally-Ho releases and presenting a respectable design that elevates the art of playing cards. 

Deck Features: 
- 56 fully custom playing cards 
- Matte finish tuck box 
- Silver foil printing on box 
- Silver foil stamp seal 
- 2 Jokers 
- 2 Gaff cards 
- Chrome White Edition Limited to 1000 decks
- Chrome Black Edition Limited to 2500 decks
- 2017 Release

Customer Reviews

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Steven Hansen
My opinion

Tally-Ho MasterClass comes in a nice embossed tuck box with silver foil printing and a silver foil seal. All 56 cards are custom, which includes 2 Joker cards and 2 gaff cards. The Chrome White Edition is limited to 1000 decks and the Chrome Black Edition is limited to 2500 decks. Great for your deck collection.

Daniel Costarell
Well done, Tally-Ho!

A very attractive deck from Tally-Ho. This No. 17 "Masterclass" deck comes in a nicely embossed box. To start, the back design is symmetrical and nicely detailed with border and scroll work surrounding the two "M" symbols. There is a double back card and a blank card as well. Every card in the deck is custom, with borders, custom font, and "pip within a pip" design on all of the center pips. There are two full sized jokers, one red and one black, which depict the image of a whip crossed with a horseshoe. The court cards, while nicely done, came across to me as slightly lacking, and I found that the corner pips on each of the cards got a bit lost in the border, making it just a little more difficult than normal for my eyes to adjust to playing with this deck. Don't get me wrong, this is a fine deck that's worth of being in any collection, but for my eyes, it's better suited for my "personal collection" and not to be rotated into daily use for family card games.

Jacob Burk
Tally Ho great handeling

All that of the tally hos but with a different color and price tag

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