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Marked VF Maiden Back Bicycle Playing Cards - Blue & Red

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Marked VF Maiden Back Bicycle Playing Cards - Blue & Red

Here's a brilliant, marked deck utilizing the Bicycle Maiden Back, which is very classic and common in cards. It is made and printed by USPCC, and uses the classical Bicycle paper. 

Easy to Read 
The marking size printed on the back of the card is 5 times larger than common card markings, making these markings easier to read. 
All of them use a graphic mark, which also makes them easy to read. Additionally, this is the perfect fit for a large crowd. The only condition is that you know the picture. 

The Most Elusive 
The super huge mark is fully integrated into the pattern of the card, making it especially elusive. It is like a chameleon is hidden in the broad forest, which is difficult to be discovered by your audience. 

Full Functions 
The mark reveals three things:

  • The number and pips for this card
  • The number and pips for the last card
  • The position of this card in the whole deck

At the same time, it adopts the Tamariz Stack, which is the most familiar system, and lets you get started quickly. 

If you are not familiar with the Tamariz Stack, don't worry. A minor Tamariz Stack has been printed on cardboard stock, and is included - it can be cut and stuck on the bottom of the card case to help you!

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

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Very good deck.

This is a very very good marked deck. I find the marks easy to learn and read once you've studied the method - trust me, you'll only need to come back three or four times to read the key to fully use the deck.

I'd like this kind of design on a rider back, but then again, the average spectator doesn't even know the difference between rider and maiden backs, so this is a good one.

Also, it comes in line with Juan Tamariz's "Mnemonica" order, so if you own the book, you'll be ready to perform some classic and great tricks.

Very good purchase 5/5

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