Marchen Playing Cards LPCC

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Marchen Playing Cards

Available as a set or individually.

With these magical playing cards you can bring the mysterious world of German legend to life. The cards celebrate Germanic culture from the Brothers Grimm to the cuckoo clock, with sumptuous designs that will make them the treasure of your gaming table or collection. The decks will appear in two limited editions: a green tuck box representing the enchanted forest of the Schwarzwald, and a cream tuck box standing for the medieval town of Hamelin. The faces of the cards are drawn in metallic gold inks, protected by a matte finish. 
German culture has always celebrated its Märchen (fairy tales)—peasant stories of clever children and evil kings, mysterious maidens and vengeful monsters. Now Forge Arts in collaboration with artist Nicolai Aaroe breathe new life into these ancient legends, evoking the heroes and beasts from German myth in gleaming metallic inks. Whether you choose the seeming safety of the town in the Hamelin (cream) deck or the wilderness of the Schwarzwald (green) deck, a shadowy world of magic and wonder awaits. 
  • 54 poker sized cards (52 cards + 2 jokers)
  • Embossed tucks with printed tuck interiors
  • Printed by LPCC on their Diamond Finish
  • 100% custom design based on Germanic folklore & legends
  • 2 limited edition decks (2 x 2,000)
  • Metallic golden inks on cards
  • Numbered tuck seals

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