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Magnum Force Playing Cards

There are playing cards and then there are playing cards! Nothing you’ve seen before will prepare you for the gnarly awesomeness that is the Magnum Force deck – a cohort of cyborgs, ninjas, beasts and mutants that hark back to the cartoons of the 1980s. If you were ever a fan of shows like “G.I. Joe,” “He-Man,” or “ThunderCats,” you’ll love these beautifully designed and highly imaginative cards that capture all the fun and energy of a bygone age.

The Magnum Force deck was designed by Basil Murad, an illustrator and motion designer who creates 80s-inspired work under the BLOOD+CHROME banner. In addition to featuring his classic artwork, the Magnum Force package also includes detailed backstories for each character, adding a unique narrative layer to the cards’ mystique. Whether you use the deck to play your favorite games, employ it as a colorful, one-of-a-kind prop for card tricks, or simply save it as a prized collector’s item, you’ll come to know the power of Magnum Force.

2019 Release

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