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Magician's Coin Purse 3.0

$16.49 USD
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Magician's Coin Purse 3.0

$16.49 USD

Magician's Coin Purse 3.0

For all coin magic enthusiasts, having a coin purse that fits your hands allows you to accomplish twice as much with half the effort. It's an indispensable assistant both for coin storage and performance accessories.

TCC PRESENTS has produced coin purse 1.0 and 2.0 before, and its fine workmanship and small size are loved by magicians all over the world. Now, we present an upgrade to Coin Purse 3.0.

The prototype of Coin Purse 3.0 comes from the coin purse that was produced by Jay Wang around 2015, a veteran coin magician in China. At that time, it was limited to the complicated craft and was soon out of stock. As the shape of it is very suitable for various coin routines, it is still popular with many coin magicians.

Now TCC PRESENTS has made improvements on its original version, customized matt texture, super microfiber leather with excellent touch, high-grade mercerized lining, and readjusted the shape. You will love its texture and more stylish appearance.

It also retains other advantages: for example, due to the mini size, it can be hidden no matter how small your hands are. It is small, but still large enough to hold a Morgan set. After opening the coin purse, it can be placed on the desk without automatically closing, which is more convenient for you to perform the routines that utilize this coin purse.

In addition, all magicians who buy Coin Purse 3.0 will also get a free tutorial by Jay Wang which is a fantastic coin production routine utilized the Coin Purse 3.0.

This is the upgraded TCC PRESENTS Coin Purse 3.0.

  • A tutorial by Jay Wang, which is a fantastic coin production routine utilizing the Coin Purse 3.0
  • Small SIZE, large capacity
  • Can be placed on the desk without automatically closing while opening
  • Can be easily hidden
  • Convenient for you to perform the routines that utilize this coin purse
Coins not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jeff Rigney
Just what I needed

The coin purse is just as advertised and is perfect for what I needed. Fits half dollars easily. Great to carry coins or use in a routine.


Magician’s Coin Purse 3.0 is a great little coin purse. Grab one to keep your magic coins safe and at the ready. Great quality and decent price make this a great choice.

Michael D
Great coin purse

This is a great purse for coin magic. It comes with a link to show a coin production routine also. I have not used it in a show yet, but am looking forward to using it soon!

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