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Magic Tricks R4 Kids 3 DVD Set

$19.99 USD
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Magic Tricks R4 Kids 3 DVD Set

$19.99 USD

Watch, Learn & Perform

Over 4 Hours of Magic Instruction! 

If you are a kid who wants to learn magic look no further than Magic Tricks R 4 Kids!  On this exciting DVD series professional Las Vegas magicians Will Roya & Joan DuKore are going to teach you some of the most amazing magic tricks that you will be able to perform for your family and friends with little or no practice.  From the basics of magic to some of their all time favorite tricks, you’ll be able to watch, learn and perform along with 20 other kids!  

Volume 1 Contents:

Rules of Magic

Linking Paper Clips

String Surprise 

Jumping Rubber Band 

Up the Nose 

Coin Thru Hanky 

Vanish #1 (Confederate Method) 

Vanish #2 (Rubber Band Method) 

Vanish #3 (Pant Pocket Method) 

Vanish #4 (Shirt Pocket Method) 

Disappearing Wrapper 

Straw Challenge 

Static Straw 

Sticky Straw 

Bonus Trick:  Penetrating Coin 

Extras:  Interview with Will & More! 

Volume 2 Contents: 

Clairvoyance Crayon 

Rubber Band Levitation 

Double Arm Twister 

Nose it All 

Sleight of Mind

Mental Card Prediction 

Card Rises to the Top 

Quick 96 Card Trick 

Ace Assembly #1 

Ace Assembly #2 

Slop Shuffle 

Fielding West Intro 

Popping Off the Thumb 

Spoon Bending

Grandma’s Brassier 

Coin Thru Pocket

Bonus Trick: Rabbit Paddle

Exras:  Interview with Joan & More! 

Volume 3 Contents: 

Coin Vanish #1 (French Drop) 

Coin Vanish #2 (Palming) 

Coin Roll 

Coin Travel 

Persistent Coin 

Cut & Restored Rope

Linking Loops 

Professor’s Nightmare 

Magic Knot 

Rope thru Neck 

Knot Puzzle #1 

Knot Puzzle #2 

Gary Darwin Intro 

Appearing Hanky 

One Move Knot

Pencil Challenge 

Cutting a Person in Half 

Bonus Trick:  Sponge Rabbits  

“A fun and easy way for kids to learn magic, along with other kids!  A top notch product, highly recommended.”  

-  Dan Rodriguez, Society of American Magicians Past President and Co-Founder of the Society of Young Magicians 

“The Magic Tricks R 4 Kids DVD series is an excellent resource for enterprising magicians planning their own lessons or classes for kids.  I urge you to buy it and get ready to take your magic classes to the next level!” 

-  Al Jensen, International Brotherhood of Magicians Las Vegas Ring President  

Special props included with each DVD

For Ages 7 & Up

Full Screen Format – 4:3 Aspect Ratio 

DVD is not Regionally Coded, Worldwide Playback 

© Will Roya & Co. Inc.  All Rights Reserved

All DVDs are new in plastic wrap.

Retail value of this unique lot is 74.99! 

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