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Magic Bicycle Playing Cards

$13.99 USD
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Magic Bicycle Playing Cards

$13.99 USD

Magic Bicycle Playing Cards

An August 2019 Pip Box Club Selection - For more information on joining Pip Box Club click here

Bicycle Magic Playing Cards is an artistic tribute to every impish trick that has astounded audiences for over 5,000 years. 

52 mini canvases playing respect to the acts of magic, under the watchful eye of the spectator. 

Will they be transformed to that bewildered state? 

The theme of the deck is reminiscent of the past, playfully dancing between the delight of magic and the mystery of darkness, death and chance. 

Printed by the United States Playing Card Company, each court card was carefully created with custom art representing some of the marque effects in magic.

  • Includes 2 gaff cards for your favorite magical effects
  • Custom art in EVERY aspect of the deck
  • Custom pips on number cards, but no portraits
  • Printed by USPCC
  • 2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
One of my favorite Bicycle tucks

While I can't speak to the cards themselves (I kept the deck sealed), I really like the tuck case art, especially the color combination. I keep this on prominent display on my Bicycle wall.

Eiichi Murakami
A Magic Must-have!

A wonderful tribute to the ancient art a magic, with custom tuck case, backs, pips, court cards, plus you also get two gaffs to boot! The only thing that would have made this 5-stars is if it was also marked, but still a must-have for any magic collector!

Interesting Art - But Lacking In Other Areas

Tuck Case - 3/5
Bicycle branded tuck case with good art and USPCC seal. Standard glossy finish. Other than the art there are no frills here.

Card Design - 4/5
The pips and faces are all custom designed and look pretty good. The back design is two-way also and does well to incorporate the theme of magic, but as a border that is too big and orange for my tastes.

Handling - 3/5
I am not a cardist, so I just check for ease of shuffling, riffling, easy cuts and deals. There is nothing to write home about this deck. I was able to shuffle well, but they did not feel as great in the hands as other premium decks I've tried.

Game play- 1/5
I am forced to rank this aspect of the deck very low because for some reason two of the kings (hearts and diamonds) have features of the design that is borderless. It is really easy to pick these cards out of a face down deck of cards if you know what to look for along the edges. Artifacts in the border on the back cause the backs not to be completely identical. Jokers look too much like Jacks.

Overall - 2/5
This is far from my favorite deck, although the art is nice. There are some very strange decisions that just cause me to have a negative feeling with this deck. I don't think this deck is terrible, and if you are a fan of the theme and willing to put up with some of the oddities you might like it, but it didn't turn out to be my cup of tea.

EndersGame Reviewer
A tribute to the art of magic

This deck if for anyone who enjoys magic, as a playful homage to this art. The cover introduces us to a mischievous imp, along with various other items long associated with magic, like wands and dice. The card backs are bordered in a rather striking orange - not my favourite thing about this deck; a black or brown might have been better. Our impish friends return on the backs, which have a mirrored/symmetrical design, along with symbols like an eye, skulls, and stars.

I love the Aces, which have giant pips inset with mirrored imps, among a variety of magic paraphernalia like wands, top hats, gloves, keys, and dice. The court cards feature delightful images depicting different magic acts. The art style/colours have a vintage feel, e.g. elongated thin fonts for the indices, and stylish pips.

This deck is a real collectors item that does a sterling job of paying tribute to two of my loves: magic, and playing cards.


Not bad

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