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Madison Gamblers Gaff Playing Cards USPCC

$19.99 USD
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Madison Gamblers Gaff Playing Cards USPCC

$19.99 USD

Deck only, no instruction provided.

When Brad originally saw Daniel perform the Royal Flush Sequence he thought this was Daniel just doing what Daniel does. A gamblers cop, switch and some lapping. But there was no switch. There wasn't even a gamblers cop. It was all gaffs. 

Somehow, Daniel Madison has taken a lifetime of hard-earned skills, and packed them into a single deck of utility gaffs that can be used to create near miracles at the card table. 

Gamblers are a never-before-seen concept in Gaff Playing Cards. These are precision made gaffs for use with Black Rounders and Green Dealers, to enable you to perform effects that would otherwise take a lifetime to master. 

Every single card has been carefully thought out and designed by Daniel to fly under the radar, enhancing your skills and making you seem like a master.

Gamblers Gaffs have been created for demonstrations of seriously advanced sleight of hand for any performer. They won't create a brilliant presentation for you, but, slipped in occasionally to a demonstration they will allow a few minds to be shattered. Especially those who watch with a knowing eye. 

We recognize that there are sleight of hand purists who may say that a gambling demonstration should be something achieved with a standard deck of cards and pure skill. If that’s your belief then we invite you to start on Disc 2 of this set. You can hear what Alex Pandrea, Brad Christian, Tony Chang, and many others have to say about it. 

When method is put as the priority of the performance, at the expense of the audience’s perception, then you have missed the point of performance. What matters is what is perceived by the audience. 

Perception is Reality - or in the words of Daniel Madison, "If there's a deck that makes a move ten times easier, and it makes me look ten times better, then you're damn right I'm going to use cards like this…" 

A Note from Daniel Madison

Of all of the things that can be achieved by difficult sleight-of-hand, when taken out of their intended purposes for the sake of demonstration or performance, there is a fine line between actual and pseudo executions.

Over the years I have collected ideas on how to achieve near-impossible sleights without the necessary work, simply for the sake of demonstrations and pseudo exposure. Some of these ideas are methods disguised as other methods, and the others, are gaff playing cards that are never seen by the onlooker. Those ideas became the Madison Gamblers. 

People may argue that gambling is an art form of intricate and difficult sleight-of-hand, and that demonstrations should be truthful, and I would agree, however, gambling was not made to be exposed or demonstrated and so exposure of gambling has itself become a new art, constantly demonstrated by people, most of whom have never played a game of cards let alone executed an illegal move at one. 

The Madison Gamblers are for the demonstrators, for those who want to showcase an intricate skill in order to make their exposures far better and far more believable. They are under the radar, they will never be seen, and with these, your reputation as a gambler will reach great new heights.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mathias Aduke
What a FANTASTIC Gaff Deck.

This Madison Gaff Deck works with The Black Rounders, as well as the Green Dealers. But, I got this deck, just for the inspiration. I didn’t even bother with the dvd.... Yet. I will cop it someday.

But, all in all, I’m now SO very inspired, making my own Gaffs, coming up with other ideas, and it’s all because of this deck.

There are concepts inside this deck, that I wouldn’t have dreamt up in a millions years.
And, how great that it’s good for two of my very favorite Madison Decks!?

You cannot go wrong with this one.

Wendale Snyder

Mr. Madison has done it again! I love these cards. They are my number one go to. They are a simple but elegant design. They handle like butter. Paired with its partner deck and a little skill you will amaze. I love everything this man puts out. It's always top notch. Hats off to you again Sir!

A must have!

If you're a fan of Daniel Madison and his unique style and sense of playing cards for all uses, these Madison Gambler Gaff cards are exactly what you need!

Great for a gift for any card enthusiast or simply add it to your collection! Love this!

Daniel Turgelis
Useful tool

What a load of useful gaffs , absolutely endless possibilities, my only downfall is I need the corresponding decks to use them, a must have deck for magicians.

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