Madison Dealers Green Playing Cards Deck USPCC

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With a layout that reminds us of the casino "gambling house" design that was so popular in 1902, these playing cards feature an edge-to-edge borderless blueprint. The edge-to-edge design was particularly conceived to help you take your sleights-of-hand to a completely new level of perfection.

Easy to fan and buttery smooth, these cards have been printed to Daniel's specifications.  The tuck case is white and features a minimalist design, including solely the name of the playing cards, the text "Luxury Playing Cards", and Daniel Madison's logo in Erdnase green. The back of the tuck case features the back design of the cards themselves. The back design of the cards also includes a special marking system developed by Daniel. The deck is standard 52 and comes with 2 additional custom jokers, a double backer, and an ad card. The deck also offers two reveals that can be used in a wide variety of tricks. The court cards feature a custom Anglo-American style design.

A versatile and durable deck of cards, Madison Dealers puts at your disposal many tools that will improve your performing tricks.

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