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Lovely Bear Bicycle Playing Cards

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Lovely Bear Bicycle Playing Cards

Lovely Bear Bicycle Playing Cards

Available in 2 colors, not sold as a set

Now introducing the Bicycle Lovely Bear Deck, customized by a secret British designer. Her original intention was to customize an exclusive deck of playing cards for her daughter. She was inspired by her daughter's favorite toy bear, which is affectionate, has a great British style, and can serve as enjoyable recreation.

The Bicycle Lovely Bear Deck is perfect for magicians and lovers of Cardistry. Its youthful colors are lovely to view. Just holding the deck takes you back to happy times during your age of innocence -- great fun! This is the perfect choice to send to your friends, or for your souvenir card collection. The Bicycle Lovely Bear Deck - bringing fun to cards.

Printed by The U.S. Playing Card Company
Classic Rider 808 Back
Limited 2500 decks

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pink Deck

Ordered this pink deck of cards to give to my wife. We are expecting our first child, a girl, very soon. Thought this would be a fun deck to play with during this time.

Terry Quan Chi Dung
Nice Gift

This set of cards is a nice gift for the ladies. The colour is very fresh and eye-catching though a little to bright

Terry McGhee
Perfect blend of artwork and color

The blue deck is a little more intricate with the court colors as it also has red in them as well as for the traditional red suit indices. The pink deck uses white for all suits and indices.

Great color!

These are really nice decks if your looking to add some good color to your collection. The pink and light blue decks also have 100% bicycle performance feel!

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