Lollipop Gilded Playing Cards Cartamundi

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Lollipop Gilded Playing Cards

Limited to only 200

Here we have the sweet sweet third installation of the Deliciousness Series, brought to you by FLAMINKO Playing cards. It is an all new, custom themed, novelty deck. What awaits you when you handle these quality cards are exciting swirls and popping colours. And for these marvelous cards we have a tuck case every bit its equal. A tuck that is sensational and hypnotizing, fully coloured with raised embossed elements.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, may we present to you, the LOLLIPOP Deck!! 

For the third installment of our deliciousness series we decided to take the design in a confectionery direction.

Our design motto is simplicity with originality. We left no element of the standard playing card deck untouched. The LOLLIPOP deck is a complete custom design. You won't find a single deck out there (and there are so many incredible ones) that looks quite like the LOLLIPOP. From the faces to the pips, every inch of the deck has been designed to POP!

The LOLLIPOP pips are a vibrant assortment of candies! The spades, hearts and diamonds are fun pink and blue variations of the hard candy found at your favourite candy store. For the clovers we have a special guest: the gumballs! 

When we say custom design we mean full custom. Each face card is a unique illustration. There are no duplicates or re-colourings in this deck! 

Each face card suit shows a different Lollipop stick or candy. Did you know, the LOLLIPOP Deck is the only deck in the Deliciousness Series to include some gradient elements on the faces?

Ace card designs are always a lot of fun with FLAMINKO decks. These aces really play with the colourful patterns of the lollipop and candy theme. Soft gradients and transparencies have been applied to add even more depth to arguably the most important cards in the deck! 

Even though It’s the LOLLIPOP deck, in addition to bubblegum,  we just couldn’t resist including some of our other favourite sweets. For the Jokers of the deck, chocolate and jelly beans make an appearance. 

In a FLAMINKO deck you actually receive 3 jokers! The LOLLIPOP Deck provides 1 extra matching joker, perfect for some sugary magic sleights.

2019 Release

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