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Les Melies Conquest Blue Playing Cards USPCC

$12.99 USD
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Les Melies Conquest Blue Playing Cards USPCC

$12.99 USD

Les Melies Conquest Blue Playing Cards

Les Méliès Conquest Blue Playing Cards pays homage to renowned French filmmaker and magician, George Méliès. Inspired by his classic film, A Trip to The Moon, Conquest Blue continues the Les Méliès playing card line that producer, Derek Mckee, first realized in 2013. This edition's color, royal blue, is simply gorgeous and utterly vibrant. Les Méliès has received continual praise and been deemed a modern classic. Proven to hold court with Tally Ho, Bee, and Bicycle, Les Méliès are, ultimately, a worthy addition to, an albeit, short list of timeless playing card designs. Printed by The United States Company, on crushed stock and Bee finish for optimal handling, this is a limited edition run of 4,000 decks. Designed and produced by Derek Mckee, with improvements made by Michael Blau, the deck features a custom back design, Ace of Spades and two Jokers.

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

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This is one of my favorite decks, it’s simple yet elegant. The artwork is excellent, and I love that the rest of the deck is “normal;” I’m not a huge fan of certain decks that go all out with the artwork or put their friends on the face cards. Featured artwork on jokers and ace of spades is enough for me. Beautiful deck to own.

A Trip to the Moon

I love it when hobbies intersect. I have the Blackwing pencil (Volume 1138) that honors the first sci-fi film, and now the card deck to match. I love the pearly blue on these, and the artwork is great. I've already had to deflect some offspring that wanted this deck for themselves - I may have to get some more for gifts. Fine quality, feel nice, great cards.


This card deck comes complete with a double backer and a blank card. The design is interesting to say the least. I really like the moon design. The color was not as bold as I was thinking it would be, which I actually really enjoy the softness. A great deck for any type of play.

Daniel Costarell
Fly me to the moon!

Here's an interesting deck with nice artwork on the back. It's a symmetrical backed deck with the full moon design on the back. There is an interesting joker design which is done all in blue outline. The joker is two strange "warrior parrot" type creatures holding spears, standing back to back. Both jokers are full sized and exactly the same, except that one of these jokers has no other writing on it besides the word "JOKER" in opposite corners, and the other has underneath the picture the text "Pure Imagination Projects Las Vegas NV 42734". The ace of spades contains a moon and planet inside the spade and says the words "Les Melies" above the center spade pip, and below the pip the words "Eclipse Edition Pure Imagination Projects". Also included with this deck are one blank card and one double backer card. Aside from the jokers, the back design, and the ace of spades, these cards are the exact same colors and design that you would get in any standard Bicycle deck. I love the backs and the jokers enough to have purchased two of these decks, but I felt that so much more could have been done with this theme, and to not have any custom artwork done anywhere else on the deck was a bit of a let down. Four stars from me instead of five for the artist not continuing the theme and really developing this deck into a complete work of art.

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