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Lennart Green Tribute: The Master of Chaos Playing Cards HCPC

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Lennart Green Tribute: The Master of Chaos Playing Cards HCPC

$18.99 USD

Lennart Green Tribute: The Master of Chaos Playing Cards

Hello everyone, my name is Takumi Takahashi. I am a close-up magician from Japan. I am very happy to finally introduce to you Lennart Green Tribute: The Master of Chaos Playing Cards. As you can see, this deck is a tribute to the legendary magician, Mr. Lennart Green. As a pupil of Mr. Green, I wanted to thank him for everything he has done for me. And this is my way of doing that. 

Lennart Green is a Swedish world champion close-up magician, a title which he won in 1991 at the FISM convention in Lausanne, Switzerland. He is known for his seemingly chaotic routines which, in spite of first appearances, display great skill. His original techniques and presentation style form an unorthodox and innovative contribution to sleight of hand magic. 

Lennart Green invented a lot of unique moves such as the Snap Deal, Top Shot, Green Shuffle, Angle Separation, and more. He is also into self-working tricks and has created amazing effects. 

We have been working on this design for over a year and, for the last 3 months, we have been working round the clock every day in order to make this as perfect as it can be. In the beginning, I simply just wanted a Lennart Green deck only for myself, but I then realized that it would be amazing to share it with the world. 

We have put our hearts into the making of this deck. Designs have been changed countless times until we felt that we have truly captivated the soul of Mr. Lennart Green. We have considered including a marking system in the design, but we felt it doesn't suit Mr. Green's magic style and decided to keep it as a regular deck.
  • It's got legendary Lennart Green's portraits.
  • On the sides of the portraits, it's got Mr. Green's hands holding a deck of playing cards.
  • In the background, it's got The Magic Square, as it's one of Mr. Green's favorite tricks.
  • The stolen Laser from a Russian satellite shoots out a laser beam into the EYE in the center of the card back.
  • There are 56 cards in the deck with 2 Jokers, a double backer and a certificate card.

Two of Mr. Green's famous quotes surround the boarders: 

"If you cannot hide it, emphasize it." 

"If the greedy person really understood how profitable it is to be generous, he should immediately be generous by pure greediness."

2017 Release

Customer Reviews

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An Homage to the Great!

Lennart Green... What more can be said about this master card magician? But the deck is an homage by his pupil Takumi Takahashi. The cards handle well, being produced by Hanson Chien Production Company. I'm a little surprised that it doesn't include any special gaff cards, but then again, Lennart Green is well known for sleights than gaffs. Also, I love the design of the cards from the back design to the court cards. This is a deck inspired by a magic card legend!

Very cool

This deck is filled with fun things to "find". Great deck for anyone that likes Mr. Green. Great deck and it is on sale!

Terry Quan

This deck is filled with easter eggs ! i love easter eggs ! If you know Mr Green you will definite understand all of it

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