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La Catrina Playing Cards 2 Deck Set NPCC

$49.99 USD
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La Catrina Playing Cards 2 Deck Set NPCC

$49.99 USD

La Catrina Playing Cards

The Ode To La Catrina playing cards is represented by La Catrina Vivas, and La Catrina Muertas decks. Both are refined versions of original La Catrina Live and Dead decks with improved graphics, new card backgrounds, backs, and tuck boxes. Please see "Highlights" section for features.

Once someone said these precious words: "Death is approaching like a white and elegant lady. What we understand as the end of life, the separation of body and soul, what we see as that stark figure of the human skeleton, ancient symbol of that death that frightens and amaze us... It ‘s what has always existed; it‘s part of who we are and what we celebrate." In Mexican culture, death has another face and is surprisingly celebrated. Memories are shared and converted into color... All children in schools, families at home, artists, the whole city, everything and everyone recreate it every year in a unique celebration that worships the pleasure of living with the imminence of death. La Catrina, being a popular invention, has become an artifact that has come out of the limits of the canvas and the engraving to be part of the Mexican culture, of its traditions and customs. Born from its position concerning to death. See it approaching him, and make it part of its environment, its art, and symbolizes the miscegenation.

  • Limited edition (1.000 of each)
  • EXTERIOR + INTERIOR foils on tucks
  • Embossed tuck boxes with custom seals 
  • Deluxe tucks with special paper stocks
  • 100% custom design of cards, pips and tucks
  • Metallic ink with gold pigment on card fronts & backs
  • 54 poker sized cards (52+2 jokers)
  • 2018 Release 

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