Knights Green Playing Cards Cartamundi

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Knights Green Playing Cards

Knights GREEN Playing Cards By Ellusionist 

Knights – It’s the most devastating and unpredictable piece on the board. Unlike the bishop, rook or even the Queen, the knight isn’t bound by what surrounds it. It is the only piece capable of escaping its opponents by leaping over them. 

Once again Daniel Madison and Chris Ramsay have teamed up to bring you the second entry in the Knights Saga. A crushed stock, coupled with a smooth finish, red metallic backs and a traditional cut, make this deck feel as good as it looks. 

Metallic Gold ink coupled with original art work. Printed on a thinner feel Cartamundi B9 stock. It's one of the most exclusive 2,500 decks in total they've ever made. These are the Green Knights.

2019 Release

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