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Kittens Playing Cards USPCC

$9.99 USD
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Kittens Playing Cards USPCC

$9.99 USD

  • Fly under the radar by using Grandma's "old" deck of Kittens playing cards! Designed by Daniel Madison for Ellusionist, and specifically designed with card players and magicians in mind.
  • Ellusionist's Kittens playing card deck features high quality premium crushed USPCC stock, a traditional cut and have a smooth finish.
  • Gaffed to the hilt! Purrrr-fect for for flawless sleight of hand including, false deals, passes, deck switches, double lifts, and just about any other technique.
  • Stacked in mnemonica out of the box. Get yours meow!
  • Includes double Aces of spades, two 9 of clubs and a double-sided gaffed card.
  • Video instruction available here
  • 2017 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Almost purfect

This is definitely a solid deck for magicians. Similar to other reviewers, the marking system leaves something to be desired. It's just too small and able to be read in an efficient matter. If the marking system was better or they just kept the deck standard instead of marked, I would have given this deck 5 stars. All that being said, the cards handle well, and I absolutely love the gaff cards that are included in this deck. Plenty of creativity allowed for magicians. Overall a great deck that is almost purfect.

Purfect !!

i love the design of this deck as well as the quality. its thin, its crushed. they faro so easily, good for table and non-table work.

However, the marking system is really small , and quite bad to be honest. buy it for the quality, not for the marking

Daniel Turgelis
Brilliant deck

Sure the marks are hard to read, but everything else is fantastic, gaffs are purrfect , and the back design fans out great, I definitely will buy more.

Eric Lee
You'll need animal vision to fully use this deck!

As a custom Madison deck, it's pretty cool. Something different from the regular decks. Great for those who prefer a softer, more feminine look. It's also distressed to make it looked like a used deck. Which is the main theme of this. A used granny deck to throw spectators off on the deck's many magic features hidden .
The gaffs that are different from the standard double backers and blank cards. It's also a very subtle 1 way marked deck. However you need eagle eye vision to fully use the markings.So that makes is useless for the full reason if you wanted to buy it for magic and the marking. (See magicorthodoxy's review of the deck on youtube about this.)
As a custom deck, it's great.My problem is that the deck is advertised as a magician's marked deck and not just another Madison/Ellusionist deck. That's why I only gave it 2 stars. 4 stars if you love cats and buy it as a custom Madison deck that's different.

Col Chung
Cats, man

The kittens deck is perfect for my edc, and the quality of the cards are great. I was considering giving it 4 stars because of the miniscule marking system (which is barely usable unless you're obnoxiously close to the cards), but the fact that it's a pink deck with kittens and yarn printed by USPCC is just amazing. It's not for everyone, but if you're considering getting this then you definitely should.

Also, gaffs.

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