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Kitten Club v2 Playing Cards USPCC

$13.99 USD
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Kitten Club v2 Playing Cards USPCC

$13.99 USD

Kitten Club v2 Playing Cards

This all-in-one box of feline exquisite visual invention is the perfect gift for any cat Lover. Everything about this delightful deck of cards will make a pleasant conversational gambit during a friendly game of chance with your feline-fanatic friends. Along with its perfect pair, the Pack of Dogs Playing Cards, this deck is featured on The Grommet's award-winning selling platform. 

Printed on high quality card stock by the United States Playing Card Company. Standard poker size 2.5 in. x 3.5 in. (63 mm x 89 mm).

2020 Release


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Great art!

Love love love these!!

I love the fact that this deck has artwork and drawings on every single card not just the face cards. The artwork is so quaint and so sweet! I think I'm going to buy a few extra decks for family members. So so happy with this purchase!

Absolutely marvelous

The art is so lovely! The hand drawn illustrations and the cats are so adorable. One of my fave decks to bring out to show people because it's so "friendly" and fun. Glad that I purchased it because right after I got my shipment it was sold out!

Perfect companion to the Pack of Dogs deck

The number cards are my favorites in this deck. Each of these represents a larger art piece with a cat. All the suits have their own progressive image, with a semi-transformation style. It's like a series of consecutive snapshots, and you can use flip animation to tell the story. This deck is the work of John Littleboy, who has produced a number of such decks in a similar style, including Pack of Dogs, Kitten Club, Mermaid Queen, and Bag of Bones. If you like this, you'll also love Littleboy's Pack of Dogs V2 deck, which applies a similar concept to dogs.


The Kitten Club v2 Playing Cards by United States Playing Card COmpany made a really great gift for a cat lover in my life. Great quality.

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