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Kingdom Black Pearl Playing Card Collection 2 Deck Set

$119.99 USD
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Kingdom Black Pearl Playing Card Collection 2 Deck Set

$119.99 USD

Kingdom Black Pearl Playing Card Collection

In order to bring the luxurious feel of the product to the extreme, we used black and gold colors to create this new version of KINGDOM: Black Pearl Boxset. This version uses a variety of manufacturing processes.

Foil printing: the perfect combination of silver foil and CMYK ink

If you have some knowledge about packaging, you would know that color printing is impossible to achieve on black paper, so we discovered a new way to make it come true. First, we hot-stamped the metallic foil on the black paper as a printing base and then offset printed on it.

In this way, we successfully enhance the metallic luster of the illustration on the final product.

Germany KURS Black Pearl Foil

The cover of the Black Gift box is made of Italian black iridescent paper, which is also foiled using a laser engraving copper plate. The material of the patterns uses black pearl foil which is produced by the German brand Kurz. The line patterns will shine like black pearls when looked at from different angles

Triple 3D Embossed Foiled Tuck Box

The black pearl version card box hopes to show off the details of the hand drawing illustration by 3D embossed foil tech instead of printing. That is the biggest challenge we encountered in the black pearl version. There are three times of 3D relief and bronzing superimposing which is the architectural relief on the outside, the pattern on the inside, and the text in the middle. The intersection of black and white presents a scent of luxury and elegance.

Dual-sided Rainbow Foil Printing Playing Cards

In order to achieve the perfect rainbow stamping effect on 54 cards, we tested a variety of high-end playing card stock. Finally, we decided on the Italian playing card stock for mass production. Dual-sided rainbow foil printing provides a luxurious metallic look on both sides of the playing cards. The cards will shine with bright metallic luster at different angles.

Features of Kingdom Black Pearl Boxset

  • Palace-shaped handcraft package box
  • High-end luxury brands manufacturing processes
  • Triple 3D embossed foiled tuck box
  • Dual-sided rainbow foil printing playing cards
  • Each boxset contains two decks of cards: Black Pearl & White Pearl
  • Limited to 1000 sets for each, with Iridescent number seal
2021 Release

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