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King Slayer v2 Cartamundi

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King Slayer v2 Cartamundi

King Slayer v2

Available in 5 colors, not sold as a set

Printed on Luxury Pressed E7 stock by Cartamundi.

The same great stock you love from Blue Cohorts & Lost Angelus Republics. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Elizabeth Nissen
Feel Great

These cards feel absolutely great. The wonderful design of the ace of Spades ties into the title of the deck. Available in several colors, of which the light blue is quite lovely

Joshua Deneau
So much fun

Combine the tried and true reliability of with the design team of Ellusionist and you have a set of cards that feature a smooth which are easy touch by way of Bicycle's air-cushion finish. The first time you learned how to play go fish or were introduced to the game of solitaire, it's likely you were holding cards in your hands. Love these cards more than I can admit

Topple the Master!

The deck feels amazing out of the box and looks classy with the simple inverted swords on the back. I will be seeking out more decks printed on the E7 stock. "Topple the Master" indeed.

E7 stock!

I have the blue ones and man let me just say that they are the best feeling deck of cards if held in a while. The E7 finish makes the deck feel like butter in your hands when your fanning or simply shuffling the deck.

Handon Lager
Best for the price.

These cards are the best for the price. They feel solid handle well from all things cardistry to magic to just your daily game of cards with friends. The back design looks great even though it is really simple, and the custom faces are amazing as well. I love these cards. You should definitely pick them up!!

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