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King of Kings Bicycle Playing Cards - Black & Red

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Tuck Color
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King of Kings Bicycle Playing Cards - Black & Red

  • Printed by USPCC
  • Magic Finish (embossed)
  • 100% Custom
  • Limited Edition
  • 2 Gaff Cards
  • Joker Reveal
  • Tuck Box Reveal
  • 2013 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Daniel Costarell
For kings, by kings!

This is one of those decks that you see it, you know it's good, you order it, and then you open it and realize that you should have ordered two of them instead because they're so lovely! These decks have a gorgeous symmetrical back with a nice crosshatching design that has tiny coronet or crown logos interwoven with the crosshatching. At opposite corners of the backs there is a diagonal stripe over top of which there is a gorgeous crest containing a crown atop walking lions. The fronts, although they have plain, solid white backgrounds, are still completely custom, as the fonts and pips are done specially for this deck. All fonts and suits, regardless of whether they are red or black, are bordered with a nice gold tone. The court cards are symmetrical but are not standard, as the profile of the face is enclosed in sort of an "embossed seal" type design. This deck also includes one blank card, one double backer, and two full sized jokers. One joker is red, the other is black, and the picture of the two walking lions adorned with a single crown is ALMOST identical on both jokers, however, one of them has the smallest of differences, a very subtle reveal. This deck feels as if it would be used in a poker game among students at an Ivy League university, played by candlelight in the basement of some seldom used stone building tucked away in a very infrequently visited corner of the campus. This is a fine deck all the way around which exudes royalty from start to finish!

Phil Dennis
Very Elegant

Deck is very elegant. Backs exhibit a classy noble style. Court cards are also very stylish with vignettes of the royalty. Deck comes with a double backer and a blank face -- allowing performance of many effects. The Joker reveal is small and a magnifying glass should probably be on hand if you use that reveal. Tuck case reveal is on the UPC.

My wife who wanted the deck didn't know it came with gaffs (we have been playing Gin Rummy with them) so when I used the double backer (for the "perfect force") on her today with the deck she was nicely mystified ... I also used the tuck case reveal after I miss called her card!

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