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Killer Bee Reloads (No Box) Playing Cards Cartamundi

$4.99 USD
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Killer Bee Reloads (No Box) Playing Cards Cartamundi

$4.99 USD

Introducing Killer Bee RELOADS... A tuckless card deck wrapped securely in cellophane.

If you're anything like us playing cards LIVE in your hands. You sometimes set them down at your desk, in your kitchen or in the bathroom. (Don't pretend that's just us.)

Often in performance the tuck is discarded, or placed safely in your case while your deck takes on the inevitable damage of bends, slaps, crimps, sweat, sharpie and the sticky fingers of spectators.

For cardists the tuck is actually a hindrance. One more first world problem to eliminate. Those seconds removing the deck from the tuck really add up.

With RELOADS we help to streamline your EDC (every day carry), help the environment (by not printing tucks that can be reused) and provide a cost effective solution to your increasingly expensive passion.

The second deck to introduce this Ellusionist RELOADS concept is the best-selling Killer Bees deck. A charity deck where profits help to revive the dwindling bee population. 

Printed on Cartamundi's famed B9 stock for durability, these outlast any deck we've ever put it head-to-head against. 

2018  Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I really love this deck! I wasn't sure about the lack of tuck, but it didn't bother me once I got it. The design on the cards is beautiful. It's very minimalistic, but in a way that still leaves a lot of sharp details that make them wonderful to look at. They're very sturdy cards and feel good in my hands. It would take a lot for me to bend these.

Toby Fowler
Bee the best

I love these cards, great concept, you get the cards but no box. Keep your tuck and basically a new deck. Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !!!!!!! Oh yeah

fits me best

Killer bee has the best look and handling for me, I would definitely recommend it, but the simple fact is that everyone has different hands sizes and strengths and no two magicians handle cards in exactly the same way with the same move repertoire. Therefore, just because it isn’t the best deck for me doesn’t mean it won’t be the perfect card for you.

Totally worth the money

Totally worth the money for these reloads. Super neat design. Looks really cool fanned out. Snazzy deck for sure.

Mathias Aduke
Buy me.

To have the opportunity to play around with the B9 True Linen Finish of these new Cartimundi Ellusionist Decks, for $5....!?
I have no issue with saving the other $5, just to deal with not having a tuck case.
Plus, this deck was my first B9 deck. So, I just wasn’t ready to commit to the price of the full deck w/ tuck case.

Boy, do I regret that now!?

I wish I would’ve bought a brick.


Absolutely stunning and amazing and I just never want to put it down.

It is black.
You will notice those same characteristics of the darker colored decks.
But, you will just love playing around with the touch of these cards.
It makes ALL the difference in the world.

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