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Keymaster Tarot Deck AGM

$39.99 USD
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Keymaster Tarot Deck AGM

$39.99 USD

Keymaster Tarot Deck

These unique gilt-edge tarot cards by Lorenzo Gaggiotti lead you into the deepest rooms of your soul to hidden desires and your unconscious knowledge.

The Keymaster Tarot connects the classic Tarot de Marseille with the well-known Smith-Waite Tarot. The sensational illustrations of the Major Arcana are full of aesthetics, power and modernity, the cards of the Minor Arcana show the symbols of the classic playing cards. Each card features gold foil accents.

Weight 0.9 lb(s)
ISBN 978-1-64671-099-7
Size 78 Cards, 2.5” x 4.72”
Language EN
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