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Keeper v2 Red Marked Playing Cards Cartamundi

$7.99 USD
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Keeper v2 Red Marked Playing Cards Cartamundi

$7.99 USD

Keeper v2 Red Marked Playing Cards

Keepers are the lighthouse and saviour to your work with cards.

Conceived by Adam Wilber and brought ashore by Oban Jones, Keepers are possibly the rider-backs of the future. 

A beautifully classic design that stays quiet while your magic does the talking. 

Created with the worker in mind, Keepers feel spectacular right out of the box. 

Opening a standard deck is a chore. 20 minutes are instantly wasted breaking them in and smoothing the edges. A nightmare for any worker. 

You want a deck to instantly feel comfortable in your hands, as an extension of you. 

With stock as thin as a grain of sand, and a feel as soft as the splash of a gentle ocean wave. Keepers set a new expectation for what an everyday deck should feel like.

Designed with the most common deck in mind. The Keeper Deck is an advancement of a superb classic.

The backs color was specifically chosen to invite trust, and go un-noticed by your audiences. Perfectly complimented by the recognizable pips and faces of a standard deck, featured on the fronts. 

With the only tweaks being a custom Keeper Ace of Spades and the faces of the Jack and Queen of Clubs. An everlasting tribute to the creators' beautiful Wife. 

2018 Release

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael D.
Awesome deck

I absolutely love the feel of these cards in my hand. They handle very well and will be a great addition for both magic tricks and card games. The only downside is that the marking system is very easily spotted. For that reason, I give it a 4-star rating. I think I will order the green keeper cards without the marking on my next order because these are high quality cards!

One of those Marked Decks to Keep

If you have both the blue and sea green decks, expect no difference from the deck except that it's MARKED. The quality and feel of the cards are definitely the same as the others. The handling is superb and the stock makes it a good reliable deck. I think that it's obvious to say this deck is definitely only for magicians due to the marked nature. Like the other decks, it comes with duplicate jokers and a duplicate card. The cards are standard with the exception of the jack and queen of clubs as those are customized court cards. Overall, a great addition to any marked decks.

Simple and useful.

Very simple design that won’t look out of the ordinary to perform with, also comes with a very very easy marking system that I never had an issue with or had anyone catch on.
Highly recommend.

dan turgelis
keepers for the win

great back design , fans and spreads are great looking , love the easy to read marking system. the face and spot cards are standard , but the court cards have a wonderful color scheme , good for magic and collecting, just don't get caught reading the mark.

Hit & Miss

The cards, tuck, backs all look great. I think they feel just okay but that's preference. They handle fine out of the box so no issues there. I am not a magician but I do not like the marking system. It is very, very easy which I'm not sure is a good or bad thing. The magician can easily read the mark but any scrupulous spectator could and a keen one could catch it without too long of an examination IN MY OPINION.

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