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Kadar Fortune Playing Cards USPCC

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Kadar Fortune Playing Cards USPCC

$18.99 USD

Kadar Fortune Playing Cards

Kadar Sees - Kadar Knows.

Remember those weird old fortune telling machines sitting in run-down amusement arcades?

What if you put in your coin and it unerringly spat out an answer that was so relevant and accurate that it made you catch your breath?

What if you could carry this machine around in your jacket pocket?

What if you were the great oracle Kadar?

With the Kadar Deck, we have broken with tradition and produced a truly original deck of cards.

We want our cards to look like nothing that you have seen before; this is a deck of cards that instantly stands out from the 'pack'.

We draw inspiration from the diversity of design throughout the history of playing cards. From the colourful pictorial cards of the 18th Century and the cards carried across Europe by the travelling fortune tellers to those strange old fortune-telling card sets from the 50's and 60's.

Our cards look colourful and intriguing. The design of the cards reflects the strange fortune telling cabinets that lurk in the shadows of old amusement arcades, the vivid picture cards we collected as kids and the graphic style of 'Silver Age Comics'. Our cards look vibrant and entertaining, but also hint at a deeper meaning beneath the surface.

Who are these cards aimed at?

The Card Collector. It is unlikely that you will have such a striking, original and unique deck of cards in your collection yet. Put the Kadar Deck out on a table with a few other decks and see which one draws the eye.

The Magician. As these are a full set of poker cards on the best Bicycle stock you can use them to perform standard card magic. In addition, we show you how you can take your magic to the next level; investing a simple trick with meaning and a personal connection to your audience.

The Social Animal. Our cards are aimed at simply making you the most interesting person in any group with something that will draw the eye and everyone's attention. We guarantee it! Also if you put a dime in the cabinets, the cards do something strange and mysterious; something that will draw a crowd of interested onlookers.

With each deck you will receive a PDF version of the 'Read your fortune with Kadar Cards' mini-book. This mini-book tells you how to mark the cards and do something more deceptive with them.

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Customer Reviews

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Ron L

I love the design and colors!

Very Unique!

I'll be honest... I was a little skeptical of the theme because I thought it would be a little "gimmicky." On the one hand, it is kind of gimmicky. On the other hand, it's handled so well, that is definitely quelled any skepticism I had regarding the theme of the deck. YES, it is a fully functional deck that is suitable for gameplay. But the draw here is the ability to utilize these cards for fun fortune teller readings. This is not to be taken 100% serious (at least in my opinion), but it's a fun option for people into mysticism and magical fortune telling themes. And the cards of course handle excellently since it's produced by USPCC, so there shouldn't be any worry about the durability and feel of the deck. Get this little gem of a deck!

William Quattrocchi
A fortune tellers deck AAA+

I am 68 yrs old and have been telling fortunes since I was 16. I have used every deck from Tarot to Standard. This deck really engages the client and has a spell binding effect as the cards are laid out. The art work and colors are captivating and enliven the spread. Highly revcommended. A great tool for the card reader.

A magicians deck with a fortune-telling theme

In the beautiful KADAR deck we have a fine example of what happens when the idea of fortune telling comes to life on a deck of playing cards designed for magicians.

Created by Christopher Gould, this deck is inspired by arcade style fortune-telling machines where you put in a coin in return for the wisdom of the great oracle Kadar. The tuck box creates an immediate sense of intrigue and wonder, with a turbaned oracle friend Kadar staring into our eyes. The sides say "Kadar knows all, Kadar sees all", adding to the sense of mystery.

Fortune-telling card sets from the 1950s/60s inspired the artwork, as well as the colourful pictorial cards of the 18th century, and those used by travelling fortune tellers in Europe. The card backs are based on old carnival fortune telling machines, and are hand drawn with intricate detail.

The court cards all have their own character, and each represents a unique cabinet with its own Kadar. The Aces picture the slots into which you would place a coin, in order to get a message from the oracle. The deck is rounded out with a couple of colourful Jokers and two gaff cards which will be appreciated by magicians.

Printed by USPCC, these cards look, feel, and handle great, with an air cushion finish. They will especially be appreciated by card collectors for their unique unique feel and look, and can also find good use in the hands of a magician, given the sense of mystery and intrigue that they evoke. - BoardGameGeek reviewer EndersGame

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