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Jolly Roger Bicycle Playing Cards - Tales of Pirate Legends

$12.99 USD
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Jolly Roger Bicycle Playing Cards - Tales of Pirate Legends

$12.99 USD

Jolly Roger Bicycle Playing Cards

Embark on a thrilling journey through the high seas with the Jolly Roger Bicycle Playing Cards. This deck is not just a playing tool but a portal to the Golden Age of Piracy, perfect for enthusiasts of pirate lore, history, and card games.

Featuring 12 historically famous pirates and privateers, each card in this fully custom deck tells a tale of adventure, courage, and intrigue. Meet the legendary Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, and the daring Anne Bonny, among others, as they bring to life the sagas of the sea.

This limited edition deck, with only 2500 units in circulation, includes an informative card detailing the real names and nicknames of these renowned sea raiders. Printed on Bicycle’s Classic Stock with an Air-Cushion Embossed Finish, these cards promise a premium, smooth playing experience.

 Product Features:

- 🏴‍☠️ Historical Adventure: Delve into the golden age of piracy with 12 famed pirates featured in detailed artwork.

- 🌀 Durability & Flexibility: Premium Bicycle stock ensures smooth shuffling and handling.

- 🌟 Limited Edition: Exclusive and collectible, with only 2500 decks available, each uniquely numbered.

- ⚔️ Robust Artwork: Experience the rugged elegance of pirate legends through intricate designs.

- ⚓️ Timeless Design: Embrace the vintage charm of wood, ropes, and treasures depicted in exquisite detail.

A December 2021 Pip Box Club Selection, Ideal for collectors, history buffs, and card game lovers, the Jolly Roger Bicycle Playing Cards are a fusion of historical adventure and quality craftsmanship. Add this deck to your collection or gift it to a pirate enthusiast for an unforgettable experience!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Eric Muller
    Bicycle Jolly Roger

    Great looking deck of cards!

    Fantastic theme deck

    A must have deck of cards for anyone that likes Pirates! The court cards are the perfect collection of 'Pirates'.

    Jackson M.
    Great Deck!

    These feel great and have amazing court and joker art! I'm not a huge fan of the wood plank background, but everything else looks good!

    A Pirate's Life For Me!

    I bought a couple of these decks because I have a friend who is a professional Pirate Entertainer, and need I tell you -- he LOVED them! I like the colorful design, the classic Jolly Roger, and the pictures of the authentic historical pirates is a very nice touch. Might be challenging for magicians and for general play because the pips and indexes are a little tough to read, but as a specialty deck it is top-notch. Arrrgh, matey!

    Ken Krueger
    R Matey

    These cards are so cool!!! The fact that they use real pirates is even better! The only complaint would be its a little hard to read the numbers.

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